Rose signs with Cavs. 

With the signing of Derrick Rose, it’s clear that more then likely Kyrie will be on his way out of Cleveland. The amount of assets the Cavs can get for Kyrie is endless, there’s a poteinal trade between the Cavs and Celtics that would be monster, the talk were reported yesterday evening and one name stood out for the trade for Kyrie and that was Isiah Thomas. You may be asking now why would Boston give up such a very vauble asset which is basically their franchise player. There was also Jae Croweder and a 1st Round Pick (Brooklyn Nets) which would most likely be a top 10 pick if not a top 5 depending on how well they do this upcoming season. When it comes to the Celtics, Thomas wants to sign the super max deal which gives trouble to Celtics Danny Ainge, he has the luxury of picking up the last 3 years of Kyrie with little cap space hit and gets the superstar that Boston needs. If the the Celtics do manage to add Kyrie it will be interesting to see how these teams match up in the east, with Kyrie and Heyward, going up against LeBron, Rose, Love, Crowder and Thomas. In my eyes it’d be dumb for Cleveland to not take that deal and roll with it. It would make them more athletic and physical to go up against the Goldne State Warriors. This upcoming season will be one for the ages especially with all the drama and major trade talks between high caliber teams and players it surely will be very interesting. I’m pulling for the Cavs this year simply because Derrick Rose deserves to have a ring and most importantly to win it for himself and his pride. I see a bright future with Rose and Cavs after next season. Personally, Rose will have a major impact on this Cavs team and LeBron will spark a fire in him to bring back MVP Rose. 


Cavs PG Kyrie Irving reportedly asked the team to trade him during a meeting last week

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Cavs Point Guard, Kyrie Irving has reportedly asked the Cavs to trade him.

The reports are that Irving is not happy playing as the “secondary star” under teammate LeBron James and wants to leave Cleveland before they “nosedive”. The Cavs have had not had a good off-season in any terms, losing their GM David Griffin and the inability to fill that role has led them to miss out on key players such as Paul George and Jimmy Bulter. There have been recent reports that the Cavs have been in touch with PG Derick Rose which could be in correlation to Kyrie’s dispute with the team.
If traded, the entire landscape of the NBA would change. There would be even more holes in the Eastern Conference that could result in potentially new buyers. With LeBron set to become a free-agent after next summer, the rumors continue to suggest there is a possibility he could leave Cleveland again if the Cavs were no longer as competitive which could happen if the team were to lose, star player, Kyrie Irving. 29AFD82200000578-3127807-image-a-4_1434532043614.jpg

While he is still unlikely to be traded, Kyrie Irving at 25 is one of the faces of the NBA today, and these reports of him asking to be traded are incredibly big news for the entire NBA and the direction of Cleveland basketball.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, his preferred trade destination is the San Antonio Spurs.


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Derrick Rose in serious contract talks with Cavs 

Rose, Kyrie, LeBron, Love. It maybe not be the best set of “stars”, yes I said stars because only two out of the four are actual superstars and I’m sure all of you know who I am talking about. but with a possible addition of Derrick Rose it seems the Cavs or I should say LeBrons team, will give a little extra boost off the bench at the point guard position giving kyrie some needed rest throughout games and the season itself. Rose stayed healthy throughout last year and put up some stats that I thought most people would never see, 18 ppg 3 rpg and 4.4 apg. Now I know that may not be MVP Rose but that’s a resurging Rose and boy do I like it but then he got injured later that year. However if LeBron can figure out how to use Rose and keep him healthy then folks you might have a ticket punched to the Finals. However, we all thought with the signing the of Derron Williams that it would spark the old Williams but in reality it didn’t and only happened for a couple of games during the regular season but not the Finals. They also re-signed ex-Bull Kyle Krover to a solid yet over paid deal, but can Kyle return to Bull form this year to help lead the Cavs back to the finals or will Shump and Smith be valuable assets off the bench. The clock is ticking in Cleveland and for LeBron James. Win now or go back to the Cleveland team you were when LeBron left. I would hate to see that city crumble from underneath its feet again if James left. But James did fulfill his promise in his city getting a championship ring, trophy and banner. 

Lakers interested in trading for Dwayne Wade

The question you may be asking is why would the Lakers want to trade for Dwayne Wade. I have a couple of answers as to why that may be, one reason behind this rumor would to establish a veteran presence in the Laker locker room but it seems to me that Lonzo Ball has taken the reigns and control of that team and has made it his,  according to Magic himself. We got a small glimpse as to what Lonzo has to offer and let me tell you, he put on quite a show; I know most people are like “oh it’s just summer league” but to me it’s something more, seeing him dish the ball out like Rondo and make buckets like Magic it is simply interesting. On that note most likely the main reason is that the Lakers want to be able to pitch to LeBron James in the summer of 2018. But with talks coming out of Philly, New York and even Boston it’s hard to figure out where LeBron will end up next offseason. Will he take money? Or would he rather chase rings? The ball is in his court however trouble is Cleveland paradise still arsises with Kyrie’s comments today stating Cavs are in a “peculiar” situation. Well for one there is still no GM and no major free agents have been signed and Kevin Love is still a Cav. Cleveland is pushing hard to get Love traded because his contract is a 20 million cap hit this year. With all those troubles arising people are taking the “where will LeBron go” next to a whole new level. My biggest surprise is Philly being in that mix, trust the process they say but why would anyone want to go play with the current starting 5 only playing 35 games in the last 2-3 years. Lastly, it will be interesting to see if LA can land Wade from a Bulls organization that can’t seem to get anything right as of late. Between the front office problems and players not wanting to play. Let’s see if this happens and somehow the Lakers can land James, George and Paul next summer. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Predicting the NBA2K Overall Rating of Every 2017 NBA First Round Pick

Oh as summer fades away and September kicks in. Spirit is high at the 2K studios as they are preparing to release their next edition of the NBA2K series, “NBA 2K18”, on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017. Now, while we as gamers have not seen much gameplay of the game, there’s reasons to be excited because NBA2K has always put out a decent basketball simulation game. We can also look forward to seeing what the new rookies look like in game with their body types, facescan model, moves, etc.. Now most people would say that the most important thing with the new players is ratings, right? Yep! What should the new rookies be rated, you might ask? Well I might be able to give you a close idea with my predictions. 


I’m using a modeled rating scale after the previous game, NBA 2K17. I’m predicting the rating for each first round draft pick and a notable second round draft pick. Keep in mind, I’m basing this off college performance and a minimal amount off of their Summer League performance. Now the list is going down from the #1 pick to the latest pick in the draft whose rating I’m predicting.

76ers PG Markelle Fultz, 81

Lakers PG Lonzo Ball, 80

Celtics SF Jayson Tatum, 78

Suns SF Josh Jackson, 78

Kings PG De’Aaron Fox, 79

Magic SF Jonathan Isaac, 76

Bulls PF/C Lauri Markkanen, 75

Knicks PG Frank Ntilikina, 74

Mavericks PG Dennis Smith Jr., 77

Trail Blazers C Zach Collins, 74

Hornets SG Malik Monk, 75

Pistons SG Luke Kennard, 76

Jazz SG Donovan Mitchell, 76

Heat C Bam Adebayo, 75

Kings SF Justin Jackson, 74

Timberwolves C Justin Patton, 73

Bucks PF D.J. Wilson, 73

Pacers PF T.J. Leaf, 72

Hawks PF John Collins, 74

Kings PF/C Harry Giles, 72

Thunder SG Terrance Ferguson, 69

Nets C Jarrett Allen, 69

Raptors SF OG Anunoby, 71

Nuggets PF Tyler Lydon, 68

76ers C Anžejs Pasečniks, 68

Trail Blazers PF Caleb Swanigan, 69

Lakers PF Kyle Kuzma, 69

Jazz PF/C Tony Bradley, 68

Spurs PG/SG Derrick White, 68

Lakers SG Josh Hart, 68

Warriors PF/C Jordan Bell, 65

Let me know if I missed a player from the second round or an undrafted player from this year’s class that you want to know their rating prediction. Contact me @TB24Gaming on Twitter and follow me if you enjoyed. Thanks for reading! 

Five Bold Predictions for the 2017-2018 Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the greatest franchises in all of sports, having won a decorated 16 NBA championships and dominating the NBA in multiple different eras. But since the 2012-2013 season, the team has not made the playoffs, which is a drought that has gone on too long for most diehard Laker basketball enthusiasts.

They’ve been plain up awful, with three 14th place finishes in the Western Conference and one 15th place finish in the conference. They’ve built up a whopping 91-237 win-loss record in those four seasons. That’s simply not Laker basketball and when Magic Johnson fired Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak and cleaned the staff of their era, he began to find out what was going to help make the Lakers great once again in the NBA. The Lakers finished out the year of the tank with 26 wins and drew the #2 overall selection in the NBA Draft for the third season in a row.

Johnson traded former 2015 #2 pick D’Angelo Russell and an overpaid Timofey Mozgov to the Nets for another first round pick and all-star caliber center Brook Lopez. He then used his big #2 overall pick on UCLA guard Lonzo Ball who has star potential and makes his teammates better with his skills. Magic is saving his chips for the big 2018 offseason in which Lakers fans suspect that he would chase a star like LeBron James, and Paul George, or maybe both. The team recently signed former Pistons guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a 1 year/$18 million dollar contract as a rental and potentially more if he plays well. But now it’s bold prediction time, as here are five bold predictions on the 2017-2018 Los Angeles Lakers season.

1. Lonzo Ball will win the 2017 NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

This is probably not as much as a bold prediction as it is more of a common prediction among analysts. Ball is shining in Summer League ball and even though it’s only the Summer League, he is showcasing so much potential as a leader on the court. Ball will likely be the starter at point guard on Opening Night in October for the Lake Show and he will show out all season.

Projected Statline: 13.7 points, 4.9 rebounds, 8.2 assists, 1.2 steals, 0.7 blocks.

2. The Lakers opening night starting lineup will be…

PG Lonzo Ball

SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

SF Brandon Ingram

PF Julius Randle

C Brook Lopez

3. The Lakers will have one player on the All-Star team.

Yes, we already discussed this player earlier for my Rookie of the Year prediction but Lonzo Ball should make the Western All-Star team as a bench selection. It comes as a result of both his performance and popularity among fans and more.

4. The Lakers will have a better overall record than the cross locker room Clippers.

With the Clippers cleaning house with the trading of point guard CP3, expect them to struggle and be on the verge of missing the playoffs this season. The Lakers will finally have a better record than the Clippers. I think the Lakers will finish the regular season 42-40 and the Clippers will finish it at 41-41.

5. The Lakers will be the 8th overall seed in the Western Conference Playoffs but…

Yes, I’m making the bold call of agreeing with LaVar Ball and thinking that the Lakers will make the playoffs this season in the West in what will be one of the most shocking success stories in the league. They will be the 8th overall seed in the West, but sometimes a good thing comes with a bad thing. And that bad thing so happens to be that the 8th seed in the West likely has a first round series with the defending NBA Champion and super team Golden State Warriors. Sorry Lakers fans, the Lakers aren’t quite ready to dethrone the Warriors as the kings of California basketball yet.

Let me know what you guys think of my bold predictions and let me know some of your guys bold predictions for the Lakers upcoming season on Twitter . I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

Celtics Summer League Highlights/Recap

The Celtics wrapped up Summer League play in Las Vegas tonight finishing (4-1) in the Sin City, after finishing the Utah Summer League (1-2). Though the Celtics looked impressive despite their record in Utah, when the lights got brighter, the young C’s turned it up a notch and the Celtics delivered quite a show in Vegas. Highlighted by Jayson Tatum’s silky turnaround jumpers, and Jaylen Brown posters, the Summer League gave fans a good taste of whats to come for this exciting young nucleus.

The Summer League for Boston all started in Salt Lake City where they were already engaged in an intense battle against Utah before the first game tipped off. The battle of Gordon Hayward. To further add to the Summer League hype, game one was against none other than the 76ers, and the No. 1 pick that everyone thought would be dawning green right now, Markelle Fultz. This would also be the first time the Celtics saw their young wings that would briefly go by the nickname 7/11 (later to be destroyed by Tatum’s jersey switch to #0), Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, on the floor together for the first time.

Utah Summer League Game 1: Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers

While Markelle Fultz was impressive in his own right with 17 easy points, and did a solid job running the offense, it was 7/11 who stole the show. Jaylen Brown was relentless leading the way with 29 points/13 rebounds and reminded everyone just how scary good he can become. But not to be outdone in his Summer League debut, Jayson Tatum put up 21 points/7 rebounds, giving fans a taste of his post moves, and his dynamic scoring ability. Tatum also delivered the game winning shot on a smooth, deep, straight up two point jumper over his defender, to give the Celtics their first victory of Summer League beating the Sixer 89-88.



Utah Summer League Game 2: Boston Celtics – San Antonio Spurs

The Celtics looked to come out a little flat in this one, and suffered the consequences. Running the offense through Brown/Tatum due to Demetrius Jackson sitting, the Celtics didn’t have a true point guard and it showed. Brown only had 6 points/8 rebounds to go along with 2 assists and 4 turnovers. Tatum on the other hand had himself quite a night scoring 23 points, on a couple nice dunks and with his smooth turn around fade away jumper, while also grabbing 8 rebounds. 2016 2nd round pick, and 2016 G-League Rookie of the Year (2016 2nd round pick) Abdel Nader also chipped in 14 points. But it wasn’t enough as the Spurs Bryn Forbes’ wouldn’t be stopped, scoring 31 points, giving the Celtics their first loss 81-70.

Utah Summer League Game 3: Boston Celtics – Utah Jazz

After the Celtics had just signed Hayward away in free agency locking him up to a 4 year max deal, the Jazz fans were desperate for a victory against the now hated Celtics. In a very low scoring game, and with Jaylen Brown resting, the Celtics had a more balanced approach. It was Nader who led the way, leading all scorers with 17 points, while Jayson Tatum notched his first double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds. First year players Ante Zizic (2016 1st Round Pick) and Jabari Bird (2017 2nd Round Pick) also chipped in with 9 points of their own. The C’s gave a good effort but came up short as the Jazz get their W in a low scoring close one, 63-60, behind 4th year player Dante Exum’s 16 points.




After leaving Utah a disappointing 1-2, the Celtics knew they had to be better in Vegas. Like the first game in Utah, the first Las Vegas Summer League game for the Celtics was being hyped up well before the ball even tipped off. That’s because it featured the best rivalry in the NBA, the Celtics and Lakers. It also featured the No. 2 pick in the draft Lonzo Ball vs. the No. 3 pick Jayson Tatum, and both would have games that would show why they were picked where they were.

Las Vegas Summer League Game 1: Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Lakers

This game featured the best rivalry in the NBA, on top of the No. 2 pick in the draft Lonzo Ball vs. the No. 3 pick Jayson Tatum. Neither would disappoint in this one, as both put on a show. Ball was impressive and lead the Lakers with a triple double on 11 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists while silencing some critics by doing so. The real bright spot for the Lakers was recently acquired, Kyle Kuzma (2017 Nets first round pick  #27 overall), with 31 points to go with 9 rebounds. Kuzma was all over the place raining down jumpers and hit 5 3P’s. Jayson Tatum however would not be outshined. The rookie scored 27 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, hit a buzzer beater three at the end of the 3rd quarter, and absolutely feasted in the post. 2017 2nd round pick Semi Ojeleye showed his versatility on defense, guarding 1-5 at times, and also was a force in the pick in pop game, hitting 5 3P’s himself and scoring 19 points. Abdel Nader once again had a solid night scoring 14 points to go with 7 rebounds. Jaylen Brown struggled a little bit in this one, but still chipped in 11 points, as the Celtics won 86-81 for their first Vegas win. Summer League or not, it’s always a sweet feeling in Boston when the Celtics beat LA.



Las Vegas Summer League Game 2: Boston Celtics – Portland Trailblazers

Las Vegas Summer League game two for the Celtics was against the Portland Trail Blazers. Much like game 3 of the Utah Summer League the Celtics came out with a more balanced approach in this one as six different players scored 8+ points. The No. 3 picks were the only two players to score in double figures for the Celtics, with Jaylen Brown scoring 13 points to go with 8 rebounds and an absolutely nasty backdoor poster over two defenders (see below), and Tatum scoring 11 points while grabbing 7 rebounds himself. First year players, Ante Zizic and Jabari Bird (2017 2nd round pick) both had nice games, each scoring 9 points, while Zizic grabbed 11 rebounds and blocked 4 shots as well. Second year guard Demetrius Jackson, who was playing for a roster spot, chipped in 8 points. The Trailblazers were led by first round pick (No. 26 overall) Big Ten player of the year, Caleb Swanigan, as the big man had 13 points/7 rebounds. Massachusetts’s own, and 2016 first round pick, Pat Connaughton also scored 11 for Portland but to no prevail as Boston takes the W 70-64.




Las Vegas Summer League Game 3: Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers

The first game between Boston and Philly was filled with excitmend. In the rematch however, the game wouldn’t look anything like the first one. With Fultz spraining his ankle earlier in the Las Vegas Summer League, the 76ers swiftly, and smartly, shut him down for the rest of Summer League. So with no Fultz, Philly had to rely on 2nd year 2016 first round Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot to carry the way. Luwawu-Cabarrot had 16 points to lead the Sixers, and Jonah Bolden (2017 2nd round pick) chipped in with 13 points, while undrafted Maryland guard Melo Trimble also had 13 himself in only 13 minutes. The biggest story from the Celtics in this game was Jaylen Brown injuring his thigh in the first half. Though it was just a minor injury and there’s nothing to worry about, the Celtics shut their prized 2016 No. 3 overall pick down for the rest of Summer League. With Abdel Nader resting, Boston needed someone to step up and that someone just so happened to be 2017 2nd rounder Jabari Bird. Bird co-lead the Celtics in points, matching Tatum’s 15, while delivering a nasty putback dunk. For a guard Bird can really fly, no pun intended. Celtics second year guard (2016 2nd round pick) Demetrius Jackson, had his best game of the summer with 14 points/4 assists, as did Ante Zizic posting his first NBA double-double with 12 points/13 rebounds in just 17 short minutes. The young Celtics beat the shorthanded Sixers in this one 88-83 to move to 3-0 in Las Vegas Summer League play. This win earned them the #6 seed (out of 24 teams) in the Vegas playoffs, and a first round bye.


Las Vegas Summer League Game 4 (Playoffs Round 2): Celtics – Warriors 

The Celtics sat Jaylen Brown (Right Thigh), Abdel Nader (Strained Left Calf), and Jayson Tatum (Right Patellar Tendonitis), for this meaningless Summer League Playoff game, making it a whole lot less exciting. Unlike during the regular season matchups between these two teams, this game clearly lacked star power, and it showed. The Warriors were held to 5 points in the first quarter by the Celtics, which is a Summer League defensive record. After that it was tough for the Warriors to get anything going, with 2016 2nd round draft steal Patrick McCaw providing essentially all of their offense scoring 20 points. Bryce Alford also chipped in with 11 points as well. Boston on the other hand had no problem scoring despite sitting their star wings. For the second game in a row Jabari Bird put on a show scoring 17, and Zizic built on his previous performance with another double-double scoring 14 with 11 rebound to go with it. But it was the undrafted journeyman Rosco Allen who led the Celtics in scoring in this one with 18 points in lots of garbage time. Demetrius Jackson and Semi Ojeleye each contributed with 9 points in just 17 and 19 minutes respectively. Celtics moved on in the playoffs to play the Mavericks in the quarterfinals.

Las Vegas Summer League Game 5 (Playoff Quarterfinals): Celtics – Mavericks

The Celtics announced the signings of Semi Ojeleye and Abdel Nader to 4 year deals before this game. Doing so meant that Demetrius Jackson wasn’t making the 15 man roster, and lead to him getting cut. So the Celtics were down a point guard heading into this one, and once again sat Brown, Tatum, and Nader, and also sat Ante Zizic (left hamstring) for this one as well. No Jackson really hurt against the good young guard duo made up of Yogi Ferrell, and my Rookie of the Year pick Dennis Smith Jr (2017 first round #9 overall). Though Smith didn’t have a good game only scoring 3 points in 15 minutes, second year undrafted guard Yogi Ferrell had 20 points to go with 5 assists. The Celtics for the second straight game, were lead by Rosco Allen who had 12 points. Also chipping in for the C’s was Scott Wood, and Terran Petteway who each had 10. Second round picks Kadeem Allen, Semi Ojeleye, and Jabari Bird scored 9/6/6 points, but it wouldn’t be enough as the Celtics were just too shorthanded. In the final Summer League game for the Celtics they lose to the Mavs 91-74.


Overall Summer League 2017 was a very positive one for the Celtics and showed that the past two drafts Danny has found some real gems. Jaylen Brown was impressive on both ends when he wanted to be, but can definitely still work on his handle and improve his overall feel of the game. Jayson Tatum erased any doubt that he was deserving of the No. 3 pick and showed why people are dubbing him as “The Truth 2.0”.  Tatum lead the Celtics in scoring over summer play with 18 ppg and also rebounded the ball better than expected. Ante Zizic looked a little drained from a long Euro season, but still showed he has solid skills for a 20 year old big, and that he can really rebound the ball. Semi Ojeleye impressed Brad Stevens enough for Stevens to say that he is already one of Bostons best defenders, and also showed he can be a lethal threat in the pick and pop game with his 3 point shot. Abdel Nader also had a solid summer scoring 14 ppg, and showing why he was D-League Rookie of the Year, though I’m sure fans wish he would pass more. The Celtics coaches, and fans, have to be thrilled with the performance of their young nucleus. Basically every young player mentioned in this paragraph will help the Celtics in one way or another this year, not to mention 2016 first rounder Guerschon Yabusele who didn’t play. The future is very very bright for this core, and it’s scary to think that next Summer League we could be watching two top 5 prospects in green on top of this roster. What a time to be a Celtics fan!!

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Melo’s Trade Options: Houston?

The New York Knicks are being pushed to buyout or trade Carmelo Anthony by other teams and supposedly Melo himself. But, the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be the front runners for landing the 6-time All NBA and 10-time All-Star stud. Whether it is a trade or buyout, the move makes sense for every team. The Knicks are in need of something positive after Phil Jackson’s departure and David Griffin declining the General Manager job. Lebron James and the Cavs have had a quiet off-season having only signed Jose Calderon and Jeff Green to smaller deals while keeping hold of Kyle Korver for 3 year, $22 million agreement. Finally, the Houston Rockets need to grab as many stars as possible in order to compete with the juggernaut Golden State Warriors team. Already adding the 9-time All-Star, Chris Paul, boosted their ranks immensely and Anthony could intensify the Western Conference even more.

$28 million for Anthony is what a team would need to cover the expenses along with pleasing the Knicks front office. A trade seems to be more plausible in this case for the Knicks. So, the Cavs seem to be a long shot because they are lacking assets or aren’t willing to give up their big names. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love seem to be untouchable at this point in free agency given their stellar performances over the past year. But overall, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson and Channing Frye aren’t intriguing or viable options to pick up Carmelo’s touches. In addition, the Cavs do not have many draft picks or young, available players to interest the Knicks enough.

Even after acquiring Chris Paul, the Rockets are pushing hard for Melo, who they believe could be the key to their success in the West. Many of their players had a great year and are being given more attention. Straight up, Houston would have to give up a ton of value from their team, including starters like Eric Gordon, Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza. It would not be ideal, but at least 2 of these players would have to go given their current salaries. The best option for Houston would be to incorporate at least one other team to split the load of the burden. Now, they only would give up one of their stars with more players of less value. Ideal teams for this would be the Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons and Milwaukee Bucks.

To go with the rumors that Carmelo Anthony could be headed to a new home, one of his old teammates posted a thread on social media. Nene Hilario played with him on the Denver Nuggets and now is on the Houston Rockets. He posted a picture on Instagram of Melo in a Rockets uniform saying, “He will look great in this… can’t wait to get back to the old times.” So, does Nene know something that we don’t or is he bluffing? Only time will tell. If a trade for Anthony is made, the rest of the free agency period will have a huge impact from the blockbuster deal.

Why Baseball is No Longer “America’s Game”

Bat flips, hand shakes, dancing, and flair. These things, most commonly done by younger players in MLB, make baseball fun. Recently, people have called baseball boring, lame, and tired. America’s Game is no longer consisted of 9 innings and home runs, but is consisted of a 48 minute game of flops, fouls, and dunks. The key reason that basketball has over taken baseball as America’s top sport. Baseball purists have ruined the greatest sport in the world, IMHO. Baseball is no longer in the days of solely day games, Yankees Dynasties, and all white men playing. The baseball purists don’t like the flair, passion and heart put into the game these days. That is where basketball gains the advantage over baseball. In the NBA, players show passion in everything they do, from ferocious dunks to other worldly cross overs. Baseball doesn’t have the action of basketball, but it does have more recognizable logos and some of the greatest, most loyal fans. Basketball is a bandwagon, with everyone taking either the Cavs or Warriors. You will never here a Baseball fan switch his or her alliance, just because a team is doing amazing. Baseball, despite losing popularity is the better sport because of loyal fans, dingers, and guys like Aaron Judge, Clayton Kershaw, and Noah Syndergaard. 

Rank ‘Em: the 4 Major Sports Drafts

Draft season is coming to a close with the MLB, NBA, and NHL drafts finishing up as soon as yesterday. NFL was a few months before them. That being said, we probably all have the same outlook on each draft. NFL and NBA have almost the same amount of hype leading up to it, but the NBA only has 2 rounds, you start saying “who?” after the first 3 picks in the NHL draft, and in the MLB draft, you hear the name now but forget it until 2 years later. They all have their flaws and riches, but whose at the top? (P.S These are all opinionated so you may not agree.)

4. MLB

This is an easy one. Even if you love college baseball, then there is still no way you keep a high alert of the players your team drafted. Even the #1 overall pick won’t be seen in the big leagues until 2-3 years later. Maybe even more. The worst thing about the MLB draft is that if the player drafted isn’t finished with college, he has an option to stay for another year and get redrafted later. AFTER HE WAS ALREADY DRAFTED. I like the NBA and NFL rule in which if the player does not have an agent then he is able to withdraw BEFORE being drafted. Baseball is my favorite sport, but I don’t think you could force me to watch this draft.

3. NHL

The NHL draft is a huge jump from the MLB draft. At worst, the guys drafted past the 1st round are likely to remain in the minors for only a year. The first rounder is almost guaranteed to play his first year. One thing that separates the NHL draft from the NBA and NFL, is that besides the first few picks, no one has ever heard of the players. The broadcasting of college basketball and football make these players known. The lack of knowledge in the leagues below or above college really makes us wonder. But watching the NHL draft you are bound to say, “who?” a few times. Except for that Auston Matthews guy.

2. NBA

Number 1 and 2 could go either way. I only have one reason why I have to give the NBA 2nd. Busts. Too many of them. In the NBA, you almost know who will be a bust right out of college. It’s usually the players who leave after their freshman year. I think we’ll see more surprises than busts this year. Being a Bulls fan is exactly why I prefer the NFL draft over the NBA draft. It could go either way for me though and I could argue for each way.

1. NFL

It was a toss up, but I had to go with the NFL draft as the best draft in all of pro sports. Guys get to build year on year without worrying about being sent down. Plus, it’s right away, no D-League, no minors, nothing. Except if you’re put into a camp, which is not for development. Every pick matters as well because you almost get more value at a certain position you need. All the surprising move ups, and picks is what sets the NFL different from the others. Of course, again, you could argue it either way. The NFL is just more hyped up because we all need football in our lives.

These rankings aren’t based on this year. Just overall. If it was based off this year I would have to put the NBA draft at 1st.


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