PSF Official Fantasy TE Rankings.

1. Rob Gronkowski: Easily still the best tight end in the leauge and perhaps the best the leauge has ever seen. Especially after Julian Edlemans suspension take him in the first [...]

NFL Teams on the Decline in 2018

Last week I posted about the teams that should get better in 2018.  And some were obvious “duh” ones.  This time, it is teams that will fall back in 2018 and it [...]

2018 Preview- LA Rams

The LA Rams are coming off a surprisingly successful 2017 campaign. They went 11-5, won their division, and their offense went from worst in the league to best. Todd Gurley was [...]

AFC Contenders Fatal Flaws.

After a week off and before I embark on a real life job lets delve into the weaknesses of AFC contenders. Three teams and their biggest flaws. Ok now why is your bookies [...]

The Official PSF Fantasy WR Rankings

Continuing our fantasy rankings, we look at wideouts again ppr with explanations by those receivers that seem out of place compared to other fantasy rankings. I’m outside the [...]

NFL Teams on the Rise in 2018

Normally I will try to put up NFL blogs on Sundays.  Just didn’t have time yesterday to do so, but I figured today would be a good day to do it as a make-up. Of course, [...]