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NFL Pre Season Power Rankings

This year is top heavy with several Super Bowl contenders. This is a first look power ranking with all of your favorite teams ranked with a short reason I have them where [...]

Best Fantasy Values per Round

Today I will be going my favorite fantasy pick per round, explaining why I like their value in the round they are currently being drafted in. We will be going as if this were [...]

Quarterback Power Rankings

Today I be ranking my top 32 quarterbacks while giving an in depth description of the 10. We will be using the Pro Football Focus Player Grades as a base. I love the PFF [...]

Forming the perfect NFL Quarterback

Take a step into the laboratory of Dr. Football and today he will be forming the ultimate QB based on the traits of present day quarterbacks.  We will be presenting the [...]

Revisiting the Mariota/Winston Debate

It was the first day of 2015. Fireworks still popping in the distance, but not nearly as often as the evening prior. College football fans were preparing for the first annual [...]

Ezekiel Elliott to be suspended.

According to many recent reports, including Pro Football Talk of NBC, Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended under the Personal Conduct Policy. The reports are suggesting the [...]

Breaking:Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended from the NFL for six games. Elliot has been suspended for a domestic vibe charge from over a year ago. This suspension has been long coming [...]

NFL Honor Awards Prediction

It’s almost that time again. The NFL regulsr season kicks off when the Kansas City Chiefs travel to Foxborough to face the defending Super Bowl champs, the New England [...]