Patriots Take Down Vikings

A lot of people predicted before the season that the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots could possibly play one another in the Super Bowl this season. In this [...]

Rams Top Lions; Win NFC West Crown

It was a pretty simply formula for the Los Angeles Rams to clinch the NFC West crown on Sunday afternoon on the road: win. The Rams just did that against the Detroit Lions [...]

Starts and Fades: Week 13

This season continues to chug along as the most prolific offensive season in NFL history. Here’s another fun stat showing just how ridiculous it’s been; last week [...]

Colts Rally Against Dolphins

The Indianapolis Colts were down by 10 points in the fourth-quarter against the Miami Dolphins. Both of these teams were 5-5 entering the game and the loser will have a tougher [...]

Eagles Comeback and Top Giants

The Philadelphia Eagles were once down 19-3 in the second-quarter against the New York Giants and the Eagles season was coming down in a spiral. Philadelphia played much better [...]

Three Things To Watch in Week 12!

I haven’t had a lot of time to write as of late. However, I am trying to make a come back. Baby steps though. So here comes the return of three things to watch in week 12. [...]