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NFL Crystal Ball: Where Five Players will be in Five Years.

What if you could look into a player’s career five years from now? Take a look into the NFL crystal ball if you will. Today we begin on that journey, we will veer into unknown worlds of football mystery, to decipher the future of the NFL and it’s top young players. So we begin.

The All Star
While Zeke Elliot fights a court room battle and Lev Bell fights injury David Johnson becomes the backfield face of the NFL. In his 2017 season he rushes for 1,670 yards and has a thousand yards through the air as well. The following year is however even more prosperous for a back just getting started in dominating the leauge.  Johnson has his first 2k year in 2018 and nearly leads the Cardinals into the Super Bowl. In 2019 Johnson comes back with vengeance running for another 2k. Also scoring 22 rushing touchdowns in one season. Johnson then shocks the world and with backup Blaine Gabbert drags the Cardinals to the Super Bowl only to be vanquished. Johnson runs for 1,800 yards in 2020 and in 2021 wins MVP for the third time in a five-year span.
Stats and accomplishments after five years
Rushing: 9,220 yards, 50 touch downs, 3 MVP’S

The Rising Star

Jameis Winston begins his 2017 season with a disappointing 4-4 start. An eight game MVP like run however, puts the Buc’s to 12-4 and wins the division. The playoffs are heart-break though, as the Cowboys vanquish the Bucs in the first round. In 2018 Winston runs the race and keeps the pace. Putting up points and dominating, the Bucs go 14-2 and famous Jameis throws 45 touchdowns. The Cold truths of January strike again though, when Winston loses to Dallas again in the Conference title game. The next year is cold to Jameis, an injury sidelines him for 10 games of the season. Fortune favors the resilient though in the NFL. Winston and company pound their way to the Conference finals only to lose to the Cards. With the world watching Winston, and scrutiny on his career rising he needs a big year, he gets it. An MVP, 48 touchdown ,season in 2020 and a Superbowl, finally. 2021 is a mid tier year and the Bucs miss the playoffs.
Stats and Accomplishments after five years
171 touchdowns, 30 thousand yards, an MVP, and a Super Bowl ring.

The quiet one

Deshone Kizer takes over for the Browns in week three of the 2017 season. He leads the Browns to their best record in years, 10-6, just shy of a playoff spot, and wins rookie of the year. In 2018 Kizer only improves, to take Cleveland to 12-4 and their first playoff berth in years. It is only sorrow though, as it has been for years in Cleveland, as they lose in their first game. In 2019 Kizer is traded to the Los Angeles Rams for the first pick in the draft. Kizer struggles in LA in 19 but in 20 he takes the Rams to the playoffs. They are vanquished early though in the divisional round by the eventual champs Tampa Bay. 2021 spells the end of Kizer’s time in LA after he is let go in free agency after a disappointing 5-11 season. Such is life in the NFL.
Stats and Accomplishments after five years
Rookie of the year, first Browns playoff berth in ages, 56 touchdowns, 25000 yards.

Finally, the Chosen one

Derek Carr has a phenomenal season in 2017 only to be vanquished by the mighty Patriots. In 2018 however Carr leads the Raiders to the Super Bowl and beats the Cowboys to win the Lombardi. Carr in 2019 finds only more success winning the MVP and tossing 54 touchdowns. The Raiders easily roll into the Super Bowl and go back to back against a David Johnson led Cards team. 2020 is a year of disappointment and the Raiders suffer an Embarrassing playoff loss. 2021 Provides better for car who throws 42 touchdowns but the Raiders now in Vegas still lose big.
Stats and awards after five years
Two Super Bowls, Two MVP awards, 249 touchdowns.

Eight Undervalued Fantasy Football players for 2017

img_6714Today is August 16th and with Fantasy drafts fast approaching, owners are hopefully kicking into high gear with their preparations. For those owners, you are in the right place as today we will be going over 8 undervalued players and their current ADPs.

Last night I posted my favorite player to target per round, to check that out click here.

In this piece, I will be going over 8 players who I feel are being undervalued in fantasy drafts as of now. These players could be later picks or even players being drafted fairly early. This list in no order regarding who is most undervalued. We will be going position by position here, below is the “glossary”.

Page Two: QBs
Page Three: RBs
Page Four: TEs
Page Five: Conclusion

ADP is courtesy of Fantasy Football Calculator

Best Fantasy Values per Round

img_6696Today I will be going my favorite fantasy pick per round, explaining why I like their value in the round they are currently being drafted in. We will be going as if this were a 12 team fantasy league and the picks will be based on Fantasy Football Calculator and their ADPs.

To view each round, you can select which round you would like to see by selecting the page below, round one is page two, round two is page three and so on…

Again, these “rounds” are based on the ADPs from Fantasy Football Calculator  I hope you enjoy your read.

A letter to the fans: Your guide to everything you thought about week 1 of the Preseason.

Let’s start by remembering that the Preseason is utterly pointless.
The Pre season night one finishes. Your team just lost to the worst team in the league. Oh god no! You scream in your own head forcing you to a sleepless night. You woke up this morning read the tabloids, Team x doomed for failure. That’s the headline everywhere. You start to break down at your desk crying in despair. How can this team that is obviously connected to me be such a terrible embarrassment? You then start doubting your life decisions crying out for help you call your father. He tells you you’re a pathetic loser and hangs up on you. You begin to frenzy and everything falls into a blur.
STOP! Breathe it is only the preseason. It may feel like the end of the world but when real football gets here in September you will immediately lose all doubt and become hopeful again. If your team goes 0-4 in the pre season it is not the end of the world. Don’t cry don’t panic and remember that this time of year is worthless. It is just basically Scrimmage after Scrimmage after Scrimmage. Your team is not terrible, you are not terrible, so live your life. Go for a jog, smell the roses, dream your most unreal dreams, and use everyday to its fullest potential. Because guess what? If your team wins one game in the regular season in the first two weeks you will feel really good about yourself. Save the crying yourself to sleep for when your team starts 0-4.
QBS we learned a lot about
The Preseason is good for one thing. Getting tape on second and third string Quarterbacks. We learned a lot about current passers in the game that we do not get to see on a game to game basis. One of those guys is Chiefs first rounder Patrick Mahomes. Though Mahomes is slated to redshirt his first year in the NFL his preseason performance was more than third string. He threw 7 of 9 passes complete for 49 yards and a touchdown. Mahomes has a big arm and fantastic athleticism he has a promising future in the league. A future that is not so far in the future of this league is that of Desean Watson. Watson played extremely well in his first ever appearance. Watson showed the ability to move in the pocket and make good decisions with the ball. Watson went 15-25 and had 179 yards through the air. Watson did struggle keeping the deep ball on target but that comes with time and practice. Another shining star was Mitch Trubisky. While the many Bears fans who write for this site think Trubisky will be redshirted his first year I firmly believe he will start at least 6 games this year. Trubisky played like a spread option QB but Jon Fox and company made him look like an NFL starter. This offense is going to feature a lot of shotgun and boot legs.
And those who still remain mystery’s
In his first game under new NFL coach Sean Mcvay Jared Goff looked, well he didn’t really look like anything. We didn’t see enough of Goff to make an accurate assessment. Blake Bortles threw to little to see any fix in botch mechanics in New England and speaking of throwing motions Carson Wentz still looks like a mess.
Young talent and lots of it
Where to begin? I guess the backfields, the NFL has found its next star backs. Christian McCaffery, Joe Mixon and Leonard Fournette dominated in there NFL preseason debuts. We could have the next gen of , all-star fantasy backs developing right before our eyes. The other spot of young talent on the defense. Taco Charlton and TJ Watt dominated. Charlton is something to build the defense in Chicago around and Watt adds a nice piece in Pittsburgh.
That’s all for musings this week stay tuned until week 2.
Your football friend
Eric Jensen


Quarterback Power Rankings

Today I be ranking my top 32 quarterbacks while giving an in depth description of the 10. We will be using the Pro Football Focus Player Grades as a base. I love the PFF Player Grades as a base, but as you will see from this post, I don’t always agree. Note, the ranks are from the 2016 season strictly.

If you are interested in our recent post “Forming the Perfect Quarterback” just click that link.

Unlike most posts, we will be starting at the top and finishing at the bottom, because, that is the way it should be. Without further ado, here are my top 32 Quarterbacks.

Forming the perfect NFL Quarterback

Take a step into the laboratory of Dr. Football and today he will be forming the ultimate QB based on the traits of present day quarterbacks.  We will be presenting the traits of the Ultimate Quarterback below.

Head: Tom Brady


This may come to no surprise, Brady is most likely the greatest player to ever play football, as well as one of the smartest football players ever to step on a field. Brady has shown the consistent ability to beat defenses with his eyes and IQ leads him to this coveted positions.

Arm Strength: Matthew Stafford2014-11-0910_30_03.gif

This one was pretty much a toss-up between five or so other players. The ball explodes out of Stafford’s hands unlike any other player in the NFL today. In his career, Stafford has made some incredible throws deep down the field.

Arm Accuracy: Aaron Rodgers


This one is easy, Aaron Rodgers is simply the best quarterback in the NFL right now and that comes is powered by his arm accuracy, not to mention he is great in almost every other aspect. But in this we are focusing on his accuracy, Rodgers consistently makes incredible throws seemingly every game proving his dominance in this field.

Torso/Strength: Cam Newton


At 6’5 245, Cam Newton is a freak of nature. He is athletic, muscular, flexible, and has proven he is strong enough to take a pounding from the strongest of defenders. Core strength is incredibly important for quarterbacks and there is no doubt that Newton leads the pack there.

Speed: Tyrod Taylor


There are quite a few speedy quarterbacks today, including Kaepernick, Wilson, Maroita, etc. But Tyrod is definitely the fastest of this group. Tyrod has logged over 1,100 rushing yards in the last two seasons in Buffalo. Tyrod’s speed makes a great edition to this “ultimate quarterback” by adding another dimension to his game. d

Ability to maneuver in pocket: Aaron RodgersRodgers.gif

Aaron Rodgers is now making his second appearance on this list, and for good reason. The way Rodgers has been able to maneuver throughout the pocket in his career is unprecedented. Rodgers has been able to avoid sacks and keep plays going like no one else has.

There you have it, the Ultimate Quarterback. One could only imagine the damage this player could do on a football field, given these attributes. I hope you enjoyed your read and make sure to follow us on Twitter @ProSportsFandom

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