The Jensen TV Guide: You’re Going To Be Watching A lot Of CBB This Week.

Football season is over, sad, but fear not there are other Sports. Every week Eric Jensen has you covered with a game a night you should be watching. He also throws in something else you should be doing, to keep you a well rounded human being. Enjoy!


Tuesday- Russ and KD aka Golden State OKC, what more do I have to sell you on. The Thunder are on a skid but the Warriors are coming off a loss in Denver. This game is tight all the way down to the end.

Wednesday- Ohio State Purdue, one and three in the big ten clash on Wednesday night. This is a week jam packed with challenges for Purdue and this is the game they need to win to prove they are a legit threat to win the tourney. Not to mention to take momentum with them to a colossal matchup against Michigan State Saturday.

Carson edwards.jpg
Thursday- Duke UNC, the fact seven loss UNC is still ranked is disgusting. Like honestly, what does this team have to do to fall out of the top 25? Even if they win this game I wouldn’t have them in the top 25. Duke on the other hand is coming off an embarrassing loss to Saint Johns. Honestly they’re lucky to still be in the top ten in my opinion. I wanted to put another game on Thursday so bad but there just isn’t much going on in the world of sports Thursday night. This is a rivalry game of epic proportions I get it. This goes one of two ways though, Duke stomps them and people gloss over the fact they are a flawed team or UNC wins and people forget they’ve lost to South Carolina and NC State. Either way a lose lose because neither of these teams are top 10 worthy right now.
Friday- Blues Jets, a massive game in the NHL’s central division. If Saint Louis wins there matchup with the Avalanche, which they should, and take care of the Jets they would be in firm control of the division for a little bit.

wpg goalie.jpg
Saturday- Michigan State Purdue, your going to be watching a lot of college basketball this week. This is a key game in the struggle to win the top heavy BIG Ten. By top heavy I mean either Purdue or Michigan State is winning this league, sorry OSU.

bridges actual size.jpg
Sunday- Jazz Trail Blazers, a key matchup in the battle for the western conference playoffs. If the Jazz could grab a win against Portland it would be massive for them as they are currently a playoff bubble team. Also watch dunk star contestant Donovan Mitchell in action.

And one- Write your significant other, or yourself a nice little poem. I know that isn’t the angle for a sports blog usually but let me tell you poetry, wins, women. End of story, learn to write it and your set for life.


The Jensen TV Guide: 6 Games to Watch This Week and Something Else to do.

Tuesday- Penguins Sharks- Two playoff bubble teams fighting for wild card spots in each conference. Both mightily experienced this is going to be a big offensive game with a lot of chances and a lot of physicality tune in.

Wednesday- Virginia Louisville- This might not sound appetizing up front but Louisville has surprised me over the last month. They can keep it close with anyone in the ACC I feel and I think Virginias slowed pace of play plays into there hands.

ty jerome.jpg
Thursday- Villanova Creighton- Nova seems due to lose at some point and this feels like the game where that could happen. Jalen Brunson always puts on a good show. I think this game will be a lot closer than some think.

Friday- Trail Blazers Raptors- In my power rankings earlier today I said the Raptors were one of the most under valued teams in the NBA. Watch them, pair that with the fact that Portland has been really hot in recent weeks and you’ve got a winner.

Saturday- Rockets Cavs- The Cavs defense is really bad, the Rockets defense is ok both of these teams are going to put up a ton of points. If you like back and forth scoring affairs this game is for you.

harden and cps.jpg
Sunday- The Super Bowl- If you’re not watching the Super Bowl what are you doing with your life man?

Tom Brady
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts before an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016, in Foxborough, Mass. The Patriots defeated the Chiefs 27-10. (Kirby Lee/NFL)

And one- Learn how to make and make guacamole. Maybe if you have a recipe experiment with it and find the mix you like best. Bring it to the Super Bowl party you attend Sunday and blow your Bros away with how good a cook you are. Its also a great conversation starter. Maybe some hottie comes up to you and says, “Hey you stallion of a man I loved the guacamole” only good things can happen from there.

NHL Power Rankings Before the End of the All Star Break.

1. Tampa Bay
2. Las Vegas
3. Boston
4. Nashville
5. Saint Louis

Tampa has no weaknesses. A super-fast top 9 forwards line and a great defensive core, pair that with a Viezna trophy candidate in Andrei Vasilevskiy and you have a bona fide contender. Vegas is the most surprising team in the league, hands down. Contending for the president’s trophy with a roster full of players the rest of the NHL didn’t want. One mans trash is another mans president’s trophy contender. Boston has bounced back big off of big years from Patrice Bergeron Brad Marchand, and David Pasternak. Nashville is one of the most consistent teams in the NHL, the recipe is the same as last year great goaltending and offense from the back line. Along with gritty players like Victor Ardvisson getting to the front of the net. Saint Louis continues to impress despite the loss of Jake Allen, turns out Carter Hutton is just as good. Look for this team to surge.
6. Washington
7. Winnipeg
8. Toronto
9. Dallas
10. Calgary

dougie hamilton.jpg
The Capitals aren’t having the amazing regular season they always have but maybe that’s a good thing. This team is balanced and looks like its built for the long haul. However, nothing matters until the playoffs for the Caps. Winnipeg is a team with extremely fast talent up top and a young Goalie in Connor Hellebuyck if you want a young team on the rise jump on Winnipeg. Toronto has struggled a bit in recent weeks but has bounced back as of late. A young fast team that is learning as they fight for a playoff spot.
11. Colorado
12. San Jose
13. New Jersey
14. Pittsburgh
15. Los Angeles

Colorado is the hottest team in the NHL. San Jose has played well and New Jersey is the fastest team in the league. Pittsburgh has struggled through the grind of the season but still have the stuff to make big moves in the second half of the season.
16. Minnesota
17. Anaheim
18. Philadelphia
19. Columbus
20. NYI

21. NYR
22. Carolina
23. Chicago
24. Edmonton
25. Detroit
26. Montreal
27. Florida
28. Vancouver
29. Buffalo
30. Arizona
31. Ottawa

The Jensen TV Guide: Six Games To Watch This Week and One Other Thing To Do.

With the NFL fading fast from our lives, people like myself are in a conundrum. What do I do without football? How do i survive when my life essence for the pass 4 months, that has oozed from LG screens into my life is now suddenly gone? Well here are six more games, one for each day up to Sunday, that you can sit on your ass and watch. I have some moral responsibility, I feel, to make you do something else this week to so the and one provides you something that will improve your life. Enjoy, see you next Tuesday.


Tuesday: Kansas Oklahoma– Two of the top teams in the Big 12 battle it out for a position a top the best conference in College basketball. Trae Young coming off of a 48-point night in a loss to OK State and Kansas coming off a 3 point win over a tough Baylor team. Tune in!

Wednesday: Kings Flames– The Flames are on a hot streak right now. They have gone from outside of the playoffs to a divisional top 3 spot in the pacific. The team ahead of them, the Los Angeles Kings. A major game in the battle for the playoffs and two hockey teams that get physical when they meet each other. It’s prime time action at its finest.

dougie hamilton.jpg
Thursday: Wizards Thunder- Jon Wall vs Russell Westbrook. A matchup between two of the leagues premiere point guards. The Wizards are reportedly having locker room issues and have reached there peak according to some while the Thunder continue to find their groove as the big 3 in OKC heat up.

Friday: 76ers Spurs- No Kawhi for this matchup but as long as Pop is in San An the Spurs will always play good competitive team basketball. Also, Lamarcus Aldridge vs Joel Embiid on the post is a really enticing matchup.

Saturday: Duke Virginia– This is a massive determining game in the top heavy ACC. If Duke grabs a win here, they put themselves in good position to win the regular season title. However if they lose they make it even easier for Virginia to snatch it from under them. High stakes indeed.

Sunday: NHL all-star game– 3 on 3 action galore, no defense, all speed all skill why wouldn’t you watch this?

And one: Read a book– I’ve recently cracked open the archaic paper information highway and wandered into mystical lands. I’m currently falling in love with Hunter S Thompson, total badass and reading fear and loathing in Las Vegas. The man was a master with words and truly a weird thinker. I mean that in the most flattering way possible. Living in a drug induced state constantly, somehow produced one of the most creative writers of our time.

NHL Contenders and Pretenders at the Midway Point of the Season

This NHL season, now almost at the midway point, has shown us some surprise contenders, such as the Devils, the Jets, and of course, the Vegas Golden Knights. Also, there have been teams that we are so used to seeing in the playoffs the past few years that have fallen short of expectations, including: the Blackhawks, the Penguins, and the Canadiens.


The Vegas Golden Knights: The Golden Knights are currently the second best team in the league, and are first overall in the western conference. They are playing at an amazing level, never seen before by a first year expansion franchise. Not only that, for a good part of the first eight weeks of the season, without their top goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury. The Golden Knights have embraced the city, playing with passion and flair.

The New Jersey Devils: Nico Hischier is the third best rookie in the NHL, behind Arizona’s Clayton Keller, and the Islanders’ Mathew Barzal. Behind Hischier’s rookie campaign and strong showings from veterans like Brian Boyle, Taylor Hall, and Goalie Cory Schneider, the Devils have a real chance of going far into the playoffs.

The Winnipeg Jets: Last year the Jets were fifth in the Central Division with a measly 87 points. This year, they are leading the Central Division with 52 points, not yet even at the midway point. Goalie Connor Hellebuyck has been very good this year, earning the NHL’s most recent first star of the week. Behind strong campaigns from Blake Wheeler, Patrick Laine and Dustin Byfugelin, the Jets can shake up the power rankings in the West.


The Pittsburgh Penguins: The back-to-back Stanley Cup defending Penguins are having a bad year. They are sitting in seventh place in the Metropolitan Division, with 41 points, and are 4 points from a wildcard spot. While the Penguins will still likely be in the running for one of the two remaining wild card spots, they will not win the Stanley Cup. Sidney Crosby is on pace for about 73 points, one of his worst career seasons. Now the Penguins must ask themselves if their dynasty is over, or if this year is just a hangover from back-to-back short summers.

The Chicago Blackhawks: The Blackhawks dynasty is over. They had their run, but it ended when they were swept in the first round of the playoffs last year by Nashville. Patrick Kane and Johnathan Toews aren’t going to get younger, and they no longer have the same spark as they used to. In a few years they will contend again, as soon as young players like Alex DeBrincat mature and get used to the league, but for this season, they will not win the Stanley Cup or even make the playoffs.

The Montreal Canadiens: Last year the Canadiens were one of the top teams in the east, totaling 103 points and the number one seed in the Atlantic Division. This year, they’ve dealt with tons of injuries, and the Habs, who are reliant on their goalie, Carey Price, have not seen great production from him this year. The Canadiens won’t make the playoffs this year, but they may have a chance in future seasons.

The First Ever PSF Athlete of The Year, and Awards show.

Welcome to the first ever PSF Athlete of the year/ year in review show ever. 2017 is rounding to a close so here are my picks for players, teams, and games of the year. Along with the PSF staffs pick for Athlete of the year. Enjoy.

Championship team of the year: New England Patriots

Tom Brady
You could argue the Warriors, Astros, or even the Penguins, but that would completely disrespect one of the greatest championship comebacks of all time. 28-3 will go into the sports history books in infamy, similar to the 3-1 collapse of the Golden State Warriors of just a few years ago. Tom Brady’s legacy, Julian Edelman’s catch, James White’s career game… these are just a few moments from this game that will be remembered for a lifetime. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the championship team of the year, hell, it might be the championship team of the century!
Sport of the year: Baseball
Coming from me, frankly, this is shocking. I’m just not a huge baseball guy but that has certainly changed this year. While some purist fans will argue that the game is changing for the worse, the next generation of fans will get the most exciting offensive baseball in the history of the sport. Home runs were up across Major League Baseball this year. The league has seemingly become more power-oriented, with more players going boom or bust than we’ve ever seen before. While some argue that this is bad for the sport, I would argue it makes the game more exciting to watch. I firmly believe the home runs record will be broken in the next four years flat, by one of the league’s best like Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge. So why not give baseball a shot this year? Watch some moon shots in the process!
Players of the year
NFL: Tom Brady
It’s hard to argue anyone else. Brady has revolutionized modern day athletic training and lifestyle choices as we know them. He continues to be a top performer even at age 40. There seems to be no drop off and absolutely zero gradual decline. I would argue he’s even gotten better as he ages. He has truly solidified himself as the greatest football player of all time, and he’s still chasing more. Why not? He may become the greatest athlete of all time.

Tom Brady
NBA: Kevin Durant
For as much hate as Kevin Durant has received over the last few years, he is the NBA player of the year for just that reason. He is perhaps the face of the sport right now. While Lebron James will always remain the King, KD has made a run for the crown. While he didn’t have the stats of a Russell Westbrook, Durant was still the key component that pushed the Warriors over the mountain and to another ring. KD won this award for one simple reason. Even if you don’t watch the NBA you know the name: Kevin Durant, snake, traitor, cupcake, Finals MVP, and quite possibly – the next face of the NBA.

NHL: Connor McDavid
Has Connor McDavid set the league on fire this season? Not yet. This award pertains to last season though, a season where McDavid scored 30 goals and put up 70 assists for a grand total of 100 points. On top of that, he won the league MVP and took a playoff destitute team to the brink of making the Western Conference Finals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. McDavid has become the next face of the NHL. Crosby may have won the championship, but McDavid has defined the NHL’s next generation of player. Flashy, fast, fun, and impossible to slow down.

Connor Mcdavid.jpg
MLB: Aaron Judge
Part of what made baseball the sport of the year, the emergence of the face of the sport. Aaron Judge quickly became the face of the Yankees and rejuvenated a franchise that had been largely dormant over the last few years. Judge brought the perfect mix of power and constant buzz-factor every time he stepped to the plate, and respect for the game so crotchety old baseball writers could root for him as well. Judge was on a historic pace through the first half of the season and had one of the greatest Home Run Derby performances of all time. Even though Judge slowed down over the span of the second half he remained a major staple of the MLB landscape. Judge might just be the next Jeter.

PSF Athlete of the Year: Russell Westbrook
This really wasn’t close. The members of the PSF staff all voted on their favorite athlete of the year based on performance. Westbrook was chosen by sixty three percent of the staff and received 20 of 32 votes. The next closest? Tom Brady with just 7 votes. Westbrook had the best season a point guard has ever had. Breaking the record for the most triple-doubles in a season and being only the second player in NBA history to average a triple double over an entire season. These weren’t just 10-10-10 nights either. Westbrook posted the highest scoring triple-double in NBA history (57 points), put up a career-high 22 assists in a triple-double, and posted a career-high 58 points. It’s hard to argue for anyone else on the candidate list after what Russ did last year.

2017 was a great year for sports. We can’t wait to keep you tuned here at PSF for 2018, here’s to an awesome sports year! Stay tuned!


NHL Weekly Recap: The Suddenly Surging Rangers and a Recap of the Duchene Trade.

1. The Tampa Bay Lightning are the best team in hockey and it might not even be close. The Lightning routed the streaking kings 5-2 Wednesday night as Nikita Kucherov scored his sixteenth goal of the year for Tampa. Yes, Saint Louis is playing well right now as well but I truly believe the Lightning are the number one team in the NHL especially when you can punish a good all-around team like the Kings the way they did. Not to mention that was with backup netminder Peter Budaj.

2. The New York Rangers have recovered from an early-season stumble and regained balance. It doesn’t hurt that Kevin Shattenkirk and Rick Nash have really started heating up over the past week. Not to mention depth scoring gained by players like Jimmy Vesey who had two goals against the Bruins on Wednesday. Though Henrick Lundqvist has given up 9 goals over the past 3 games that is less an indictment of him then it is the way the league is in 2017. It is rare to see a goalie with a GAA below 2.50 anymore just because right now it truly is a scorer’s league.

3. The Oilers have saved their season with back to back OT on their road trip. Connor McDavid’s beautiful OT Winner against the Islanders and his fantastic pass to Leon Draisaital to be the Devils in OT on Thursday night have been the difference. The problem for the Oilers though has been finding scoring from other players not named McDavid. Anton Slepyshev got off the snide against the Devils scoring his first goal of the season. Milan Lucic has three goals but is old and slow, a great grinder but no longer a playmaker. The Oil need to make a move this season to get another depth piece, a name that comes to mind is Mitch Marner who has seemingly been shelved in Toronto.

4. After a brief stumble, the Leafs are playing well and winning with depth Scoring. Over the past two games, Nazem Kadri has 3 goals. Not to mention Connor Brown who has 7 goals this year after being promoted to the third line. The Leaf’s are finding new ways to win, something the great teams find a way to do.

5. The Jets are suddenly a surging team in the central. You could talk about Blake Wheeler, Mark Scheifele, and Nikolaj Ehlers who have a combined 50 points but the credit has to go to Connor Hellebuyck. The Jets brought in Steve Mason so Connor could develop and Mason massively flopped. Now Hellebuyck is the starter and the kid has put up fantastic numbers 2.12 Goals Against Average and a 93 save percentage. Pair that with 8 wins and no regulation losses, and 2 OT losses, Winnipeg is soaring.

6. Of course, we can’t forget the blockbuster deal that went down this week. Let’s break down who went where first: Defenseman prospect Samuel Girard to Colorado
Forward prospect Vladislav Kamenev to Colorado
Forward prospect Shane Bowers to Colorado
Goaltender Andrew Hammond to Colorado
2018 first-round pick from Ottawa to Colorado (with a condition!)
2018 second-round pick from Nashville to Colorado
2018 third-round pick from Ottawa to Colorado
Kyle Turris to Nashville
Matt Duchene to Ottawa
Now some winners and losers in this trade. Winner, the Colorado Avalanche, Joe Sakic Fleeced the Predators of two draft picks for nothing in return. Andrew Hammond another big winner in this trade Hammond is a great goalie, in my opinion, had that great playoff run a few years back and here is a bold prediction, the rebuilding Aves trade Varlymov next. Loser, the Senators, yes you got Matt Duchene but only for a year before his contract expires. You also gave up your future for the next three years. The Sens have to win the cup this year or next for this trade to be considered a success.

7. The top 5 teams of the week
1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Toronto Maple Leaf’s
3. Saint Louis Blues
4. New York Rangers
5. Edmonton Oilers

The Top Ten NHL teams after Ten Games

We are now ten games through the NHL season so instead of a what we learned this week instead here are the top ten teams after ten games.
1. Tampa Bay Lightning: There really cannot be any debate about the one spot. The lightning night in and night out put up fantastic performances and the league’s leading point scorer, Steven Stamkos (21) and the league’s leading Goal scorer Nikita Kucherov (12) both have spots on this team. The Lightning have a tough stretch of games to start November, the Kings, Blue Jackets and Sharks but the lightning have already played some of the league’s toughest competition early. Right now there isn’t really a weakness on this team.

2. Los Angeles Kings: Johnathan Quick is the best goal tender in the league again after a fluke 2016. Quick has a 1.88 goals against average and 2 shut outs. The Kings offense is there too. 36 goals for and a smoking hot Anze Kopitar who has 7 goals leading the team. However, while Kopitar’s stats don’t stand out they exemplify the tremendous depth on this team. 11 different Kings players have goals and 3 have five or more.

Quick 2.jpg
3. Vegas Golden Knights: Do I expect this team to be in this spot ten games from now? No. They fully deserve this right now though the Knights are 8-1-0 one of the greatest starts for a first-year franchise in NHL history. Their doing it without their number one goaltender Marc Andre Fleury who has been out since game four of the Season. There are no all-stars on this team, but James Neal is an NHL vet and a fantastic leader. This team has chemistry and some time that can make up for lack of talent in the NHL.
4. Saint Louis Blues: Coach Mike Yeo has taken the success from the last half of the 2016 season and translated it into instant success in 2017. Jade Schwartz is the non Lightning NHL points leader with 17. Not to mention the fantastic early play of Vladimir Tarasenko and Alex Pitrangelo, both have 12 points. Jake Allen continues to be one of my favorite goalies to watch week in and week out. Colton Pareyko and Vince Dunn head up a solid defensive core for the Blues.

5. Pittsburgh Penguins: The Penguins have a major problem at goal tender. Specifically their back up Antti Niemi who seemingly only gives up 6 goal games. A backup with some 7.50 goals against average is a recipe for disaster if Matt Murray gets hurt. However, the offense looks just as good as ever so the Penguins plug into the five spot, but there are weaknesses this year.

6. Ottawa Senators: 41 goals and a top 5 pk in the league plus a high-flying Craig Anderson equal a team with promise. Not to mention they won 3 in a row without Erik Karlson that doesn’t happen most years.
7. Toronto Maple Leaf’s: The most fun, fastest team to watch in hockey has major defensive problems. The Leaf’s only regulation losses this year have come by a score of 6-3 that is a major problem. However, they are the second highest scoring team in the Eastern Conference right now. So, they can hide their deficiencies from the depth scoring of Connor Brown and William Nylander.

8. New Jersey Devils: Another team no one thought would start this hot also has big defensive problems. Yesper Bratt has been a surprise though and the Devils are winning games so they grab a top ten spot.
9. Columbus Jackets: Sergei Bobrovsky has another hot start. Sonny Milano is suddenly a semi star in the NHL with 6 points.
10. Nashville Predators: There was a Stanley Cup hangover and then they woke right up. Thanks to Filip Foresbergs 12 points and Pk Subbans 9 points.

PK Subban.jpg
Honorable Mentions: Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders, Dallas Stars, Vancouver Canucks.

NHL Week 2 Recap: Lightning Strike and Devils Blaze to Top 5 Team of the Week Spots

1. Nikita Kucherov and the Lightnings hot week: There may be no hotter team in the league right now than the Tampa Bay lightning. The Lightning have won two of their three games this week and there only loss came while picking up points in a shootout with another red hot eastern conference team in the New Jersey Devils. The Lightning are winning with everything. Nikita Kucherov is the hottest scorer in the NHL right now with 8 points in his last five games. Andrei Vasilevskiy has a shutout and a 2.57 GAA through 7 games played making him one of the hottest goalies in the league right now.

2. The Toronto Maple Leafs are the best offensive team in hockey right now with 34 goals over two weeks. Its incredibly impressive you start to worry about them cooling off at the wrong time but with Auston Matthews and newly promoted center Connor Brown the Leaf’s look unstoppable. Fredrick Anderson also looks to be figuring things out and had a shutout against the Capitols this week.

3. The New Jersey Devils are a fast young exciting team to watch: Nico Hischier scored his first 2 NHL goals against the Senators late this week, boy the Sens sure do like giving rookies big debuts against them, the Devils Yesper Bratt and Taylor Hall are just two more hot players this team has right now. It also helps that they have Corey Schneider in goal who has four wins in 6 appearances. This team is going to lean hard on the offense and though it may not work down the stretch in the beginning it sure is fun to watch.

4. Struggles in the old guard: To move to the new you must discard the old. The New York Rangers Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins are off to rough starts. The roughest of which is the Canadiens 1 win 6 regulation losses and 1 overtime loss does not bode well in one of the most hockey hungry markets in the league. Everything is going wrong for this team and I’ve been preaching a steep decline for years. If you lean on Carey Price this heavily and get no scoring pieces on your team eventually Price will break down. The Stats speak to that 33 goals against in 8 games. Perhaps its time for a rebuild in Montreal, that Starts with trading Carey Price for a king’s ransom for a team that feels they are a goal tender away. What about Calgary?

5. So much excitement in the east but don’t forget the west: The front runner right now is Saint Louis. Over the last week the Blues have two wins over two key division opponents. A 5-2 smoking of the Black hawks that featured a Jaden Schwartz hat trick and a 4-3 win on Thursday over the Avalanche who suddenly look like the team we thought they would be. The Blues are a top the central and cruising.

6. The Nashville Predators are back to the Nashville Predators: After a rocky start for the Stanley Cup runner ups this week everything really started clicking for the Preds. Who have won two straight and stole a point away from the Blackhawks in an overtime loss. The Puck movement is so much better looking this year and Pekka Rinne is silently having a Vienza year start.

7. The top five teams of week 2:
1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Toronto Maple Leaf’s
3. Saint Louis Blues
4. New Jersey Devils
5. Los Angeles Kings

Week 1 NHL Takeaways: Hawks, Capitals, and Leafs hot Starts

1. The Great eights nine goals: In just the first week of the season Alexander Ovechkin has 9 goals and one assist. Ovechkin is off to one of the hardest starts of his career and if he keeps his current pace could score over 150 points. A long way to go but it’s a good start for the Russian whose team is now 3-1-1 and has the second most goals for (21) in the Eastern conference.
2. Toronto kids putting up all kind of goals: The Leaf’s have the most goals in the east currently with 22. The Leaf’s are averaging 5 goals a game, the best in the league. Leading the way is Auston Matthews with 3 goals and 3 assists. The Maple Leaf’s have had the hottest start in the Eastern conference as far as team goal scoring goes, 13 different Leaf’s players have goals and 19 Leaf’s players have assists. Frederick Anderson hasn’t had the best start to the season however allowing 16 goals in 4 starts thus far. That can partially be blamed on a defense that allowed a 3 on 5 shorthanded goal against the Devils, how? It’s one of the craziest things you’ll ever see in hockey.

3. The Black Hawks of Stanley cup 2010s dynasty are back: Throw out a 5-2 loss to the Minnesota wild and the Blackhawks had the best first week of the NHL by far. The Hawks have a league high 23 goals and 10 of them came during a waxing of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Patrick Kane is playing some of the Best hockey of his Career right now. The Kanester gangsta has 7 points (2 goals 5 assists ) in 5 games. The Way he plays is so fast and precise look no farther than the spinorama assist to Nick Schmaltz or his beautiful no look backhand behind the net assist to Ryan Hartman and don’t forget his full speed beauty of a backhand snipe into the far-left corner from the bottom of the right faceoff dot. That was all in one game, against the penguins, come to think of it Patrick Kane loves the backhand.

4. Edmonton’s hot start and then collapse: The Oilers played their best game of the last two years against the flames in a 3-0 white wash. Then they collapsed, hard a bad 3-2 loss to the Canucks in which Cam Talbot was pulled in the early second when he let in the 3rd goal. A loss to the Jets where Nichola Ehlers scored a hat trick in a 5-2 win for Winnipeg was the nail in the coffin of an awful start for the Oilers. Side note here Connor Hellebuyck has played wonderfully for the Jets who were embarrassed by Steven Mason letting in 7 goals in the first game of the season. Hellebuyck has earned the Job in Winnipeg.
5. The Colorado Avalanche are out preforming expectations early: Former first overall pick and widely regarded draft bust Nail Yakupov is proving everyone wrong. Yakupov has 5 points in five games and along with Matt Duchesne the Aves have started 4-1 impressive for a team some didn’t expect to win even 30 games.

6. A great start for the Golden Knights and a great story for Vegas: After the awful tragedy earlier this month the Knight’s have played with an emotion of an entire city driving them forward and are 3-1. James Neal has been the driving force for Vegas as far as scoring is concerned with 6 goals in 4 games and Marc Andre Fluery has carried the Goaltending load starting every game thus far, as he may be asked to do this season wouldn’t shock me if he started 64 games, with a 92% save percentage and 2 goals against average. It’s an awesome story and hopefully the Knights can continue to be successful and bring their community together.

7. Top 5 teams of the week.
1. Chicago Blackhawks
2. Washington Capitals
3. Toronto Maple Leaf’s
4. Colorado Avalanche
5. New Jersey Devils