The Obstructed AFC North Preview

In the past years it seems like the AFC North has been a fight among three teams: the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals.  Of course, the Browns are “there” but really [...]

The Obstructed Big Ten Preview-2018

The last of the finest of my previews for the season.  And I’m going with my favorite conference, the Big Ten (while I live in SEC Country in Georgia, I grew up in Big [...]

NFC East Preview

The NFC East is a division of the champions and teams with high potential. With the Eagles looking to be the first team to repeat winning the division in several years, can [...]

Division Preview: NFC West

The NFC West became one of the most underrated divisions in the league, as three out of four teams have a good chance to take the division. However, only one has the best chance [...]

NFC North Preview.

The NFC North is one of the most intriguing divisions in football. Let’s fly. Best offense Minnesota Vikings. You could make arguments for all four teams in this category but [...]