Possible AL MVP Candidates

With Opening Day just a little bit over a month away, it is never to early to start talking about possible American League MVP candidates. Jose Altuve (Houston Astros) won the [...]

PSF Top 25

1. Virginia 2. Michigan State 3. Xavier 4. Villanova 5. Texas Tech 6. Ohio State 7. Duke 8. Purdue 9. Auburn 10. Cincinnati 11. Gonzaga 12. UNC 13. West Virginia 14. Wichita [...]

PSF Mid Week Top 10

After some interesting results over the weekend and this week in general I’m releasing a mid week top 10. Still the Top 25 tomorow but for right now just a quick top ten, [...]

Top 10 Right Now, CF and RP

Hi everyone, I’m sorry about the lack of articles lately, just had a lot on my plate this weekend, wasn’t feeling too good yesterday, but I’m back and here [...]