Cavs not out just yet? 

Here we are game 5. The series hasn’t been as thrilling as we had expected. But the Cavs trail the Warriors 3-1. We know what happened last year. Coming into game 5 the Cavs are coming off of an impressive home win and have a large amount of momentum heading into tonight. Statistically, Kyrie Irving is 4-0 in Elimination games. This is huge for the Cavaliers and tells us that they show up to play come elimination time.  

Game 4 we saw a much more physical game. The Cavs got the Warriors into foul trouble early and helped Cleveland build an early lead. From there they were near unstoppable. Major contributions came from Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and JR Smith. If the Cavs game plan stays the same they should not have an issue taking down the “super villains.” Although the major force behind the Warriors is their fans, the Cavs head into Oracle tonight. A tough task at hand, but if Cleveland continues to attack the basket they will win this game. 

I will make it clear. If Cleveland wins tonight, Monday June 12th, they will force Game 7. I’ve never seen Cleveland play so well like they did in game 4. It’s do or die and I think Cleveland will show up again tonight. If Cleveland is to turn this series around the NBA will flipped upside down. That a team as talented as the Warriors were not able to dethrone the King. In my opinion I think Golden State was better last year. I thought the Chemistry was much better than this year. And if Durant were to stay in OKC, I think OKC would have went to the NBA Finals. The super team era to me is a mess. I’d love to see Lebron shock the NBA and defeat the Warriors. 

My Pick Tonight:

Cleveland 117 Golden State 112


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