Cavs PG Kyrie Irving reportedly asked the team to trade him during a meeting last week

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Cavs Point Guard, Kyrie Irving has reportedly asked the Cavs to trade him.

The reports are that Irving is not happy playing as the “secondary star” under teammate LeBron James and wants to leave Cleveland before they “nosedive”. The Cavs have had not had a good off-season in any terms, losing their GM David Griffin and the inability to fill that role has led them to miss out on key players such as Paul George and Jimmy Bulter. There have been recent reports that the Cavs have been in touch with PG Derick Rose which could be in correlation to Kyrie’s dispute with the team.
If traded, the entire landscape of the NBA would change. There would be even more holes in the Eastern Conference that could result in potentially new buyers. With LeBron set to become a free-agent after next summer, the rumors continue to suggest there is a possibility he could leave Cleveland again if the Cavs were no longer as competitive which could happen if the team were to lose, star player, Kyrie Irving. 29AFD82200000578-3127807-image-a-4_1434532043614.jpg

While he is still unlikely to be traded, Kyrie Irving at 25 is one of the faces of the NBA today, and these reports of him asking to be traded are incredibly big news for the entire NBA and the direction of Cleveland basketball.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, his preferred trade destination is the San Antonio Spurs.


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