Common Issues within Mlb the Show 17

There are many issues I have found from playing this game competitively and I am sure all of you can relate. The first issue I’d like to address that needs to be fixed, are how many times a ball has been pulled for a home run when it is on the outer half to a hitter. For example in my recent battle royale run Troy Tulowitzki pulled a 0-2 cutter off of Wade Davis for a walk-off home run. The pitch was low and away and somehow he pulled it for the game. I never thought that this would be an issue this year because SDS claimed to have added in their new and improved “ball physics”. The worst part is that I do not have an explanation for what happened because SDS has never address the issues with hitting this year.

Another issue that you all will agree with is how many jammed hits I give up on great pitches. There have been countless times where I have made a great pitch with either Chapman or Betances and my opponent gets bailed out. Numerous times I have had the batter down in the count and I go to throw a perfect fastball up and in which is lazily hit down either the first or third base line. The most frustrating part has to be when I look at their feedback and it says “just late” and “chased”.

In addition to feedback that brings me to my final issue, just late home runs or hits. It really amazes me how a good timed, power swing can be hit softer than a just late chased swing. Something needs to be done about this whether it’s address the community with the issue or deploying a patch that actually fixes something. All in all I truly believe that this game has a lot of potential, and I think if SDS can find a way to fix these issues it will truly be an amazing game to play.

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