Create a Player Tips (MLB The Show) Best stances, feed players and more!

While the Create a Player (CAP) is quite controversial in The Show, it is in the game this year, and will be for many more. Since the Create a Player brings another dynamic to the game by adding equipment into Diamond Dynasty, and it appeals to a large audience. Below are some tips for your own Create a Player.

Put him as your catcher.

There is no doubt a lack of good hitting catchers in The Show unless we are dealing with a Buster Posey, Jorge Posada, etc. By putting your Create a Player at catcher, you will be opening other spots with better hitters, plus you will be adding athleticism behind the dish.

Good Players to Feed

Feeding players and equipment is a key step in developing your Create a Player. Below are a few players who I feel are cheap and help and important stats to your Create a Player.

56 Terrance Gore (96 speed- 94 steal)

77 Chris Carter (92 Power vs.R- 94 Power vs.L)

78 Yunel Escobar (80 contact vs.R- 84 contact vs.L)

79 Joe Panik (92 vision-88 fielding)

72 Chris Johnson (99 contact vs.L)

77 Martin Prado (99 Contact vs.L- 86 Vision- 86 Arm)

78 Justin Morneau (90 contact vs.R-79 vision)

77  Carlos Ruiz (85 arm strength-78 blocking)

Good equipment to own

Wilson Pro Stock (Chest Protector) 5k stubs—-+9 blocking +9 arm

Rawlings Velo Series (Leg Guards)3.6k stubs—-+12 blocking +6 reaction

Mizuno Dominant IC (Cleats) 195 stubs—-+8 speed +4 reaction

Ritual Victory (Vison) 3k stubs—- +10 contact +10 plate vision +10 bat control


Make him a switch hitter

My tip is to base him off of a player you do really well with. For example, I love hitting with Matt Carpenter, so I gave my Create a Player his stance and made him 6″3″, which is the same as Carpenter. In case you do not have a player like this, below are a few stances I really like…

Corey Seager

Matt Carpenter

Mike Trout

Aaron Altherr

Charlie Blackmon

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