Three Top Analyst Give Their 2018 and 2023 Price Predictions for 28 Cryptos

Cryptos or Cryptocurrencies are a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. To put that in layman terms, cryptos are basically a decentralized currency. Cryptos can also be called ‘digital currencies’, ‘alt coins’ and ‘virtual currencies’. Although often compared to stocks such as Amazon or Facebook, the concept is completely different in their utility. Cryptos are a currency as the American Dollar or the Mexican Peso could be described. The main differences would be the little to no inflation, privacy and how they are produced. Cryptos are designed to give power back to the people and away from banks and corrupt governments.

In a growing market that has seen enormous growth with Bitcoin up over 6,000% in the last five years, crypto looks to keep rolling. An even crazier example, the coin Verge (XVG), went from $0.0000192 to $0.228 in less than a year which is a 1,187,400% growth rate where a $1000 investment could have brought in over 11 million dollars.

In this post we have three traders and investors who will be giving their predictions for what the crypto market could look like at the end of the year and five years out from now (2023). Within each page there will be the current price of the coin, brief description of the coin, where and how to buy the coin and, of course, our predictions.

June 27th Update: The market has been on a downtrend since the uploading of this post on June 6th. While we all remain bullish on cryptos, end of year predictions should probably be tempered slightly. This is a very speculative market and that is a key to remember. We hope you follow this with your own research and make the decision for yourself that best fits your wants. 

The Experts

–  Ken Peterson

– Eric Thies 

– CryptoSquared @CryptoSquared on Twitter

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind prices predicted made in this article are based off of speculation and predictions of things out of our control. This is in no way meant to be financial advice. When investing, it is important to understand that cryptocurrencies are volatile and to never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Each slide will contain a history of each crypto, a short explanation of it and our forecast for it. See page number for each crypto on index below.


Page 1- Intro Page

Page 2- Bitcoin (BTC)

Page 3- Ethereum (ETH)

Page 4- Ripple (XRP)

Page 5- Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Page 6- EOS (EOS)

Page 7- Litecoin (LTC)

Page 8- Cardano (ADA)

Page 9- Stellar (XLM)

Page 10- Iota (IOTA)

Page 11- Tron (TRX)

Page 12- Neo (NEO)

Page 13- Monero (XMR)

Page 14- Dash (DASH)

Page 15- VeChain (VEN)

Page 16- QTUM (QTUM)

Page 17- Icon (ICX) 

Page 18- OmiseGo (OMG)

Page 19- Ontology (ONT)

Page 20- Wanchain (WAN)

Page 21- 0x (ZRX)

Page 22 Enigma (ENG)

Page 23 Verge (XVG)

Page 24 Genesis Vision (GVT)

Page 25 DigiByte (DGB)

Page 26- ZCash (ZEC)

Page 27- Odyssey (OCN)

Page 28- POA Network (POA)

Page 29- Idealcash (DEAL)


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