Cuffing Season in Sports. Eric Jensen looks at some sports couples we would love to see.

It is what Cosmo and BuzzFeed and the internet higher ups like to call cuffing season. The time of year couples couple up. So being a lonely un coupled sports writer I decided to play cupid and set up some sporting couples we would love to see. Ya there’s some guy on guy action but its 2017 sheeple get woke! Throw salary caps to the wind and step into my romantic sports wonderland.

Bill Belichick and Gregg Popovich
Opposites attract. Two men with very different political views. Belichick is a noted Trump Supporter and Pop would rather Trump not exist. Still, these guys would make a cute couple. Also they would be nightmare for the Paparazzi and media, lot of funny one worded answers. “Bill were hearing there is some major turbulence in the relationship, is that true?” Belichick responds, “Were on to our anniversary”.

pop and bill.jpg
Jacoby Brissett and The Broncos
When Andrew Luck comes back, it seems a shame that we have to stop watching the fantastically fun Brissett. So why not get him on the Broncos? He can use his scrambling skills behind a mediocre offensive line and make plays. Brissett reminds me a little of Jon Elway anyways.

brisett broncos.jpg
James Harden and Lebron James
The Cavs are torpedoing towards a subpar regular season which Lebron will view as a total disappointment even if they make the playoffs. He’s out of there this offseason anyways, why not trade him to the Rockets, I know salary cap blah blah blah, but this is a fantasy world. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Harden to James and vice versa? Imagine how much fun the regular season would be, we get multiple Thunder and Golden State verse Bron and Hardens Rockets. Plus, some very interesting playoffs. Also, who wants to see Lebron as a Laker? Gross.

James and James.jpg
Bryce Harper and The Cubs
Harper loves the Cubs he’s said it multiple times, but this is really for fellow PSFers and Grand Slam Podcasters Josh Teeter and Travis Calvin. It would make their lives pure heaven and happy Cubs fans make my life easier. Harper in a Cubs uniform would just feel right. Also give some hope to two hopeless Cubs fans who need a win after their team made the NLCS.

Harper cubs cuff.jpg
Justin Verlander and Kate Upton and Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen
What a great couples couple. It balances out perfectly Tom Brady is the Alpha male while Verlander is a total dork whose lucky to be with a smoke show like Upton. Meanwhile Kate Balances it out as she is a better model than Gisele. I could see them hanging out in the vineyard in the offseason chowing down on avocado and water together.

couples couple.jpg
Jerry Jones and Bob Mcnair
Both hate NFL protests, both conspired to blackball Kaepernick both are I’ll say it racist. They’re perfect for each other. A lifetime movie waiting to happen, a Dallas boy and a lonely Houston oil lord come together to find true love.

Joe Buck and Tony Romo

Listen I idolize Al Micheals but the future is now and the future is Joe Buck. So give Buck the greatest color guy in the game right now in Romo. I feel like Buck and Romo both have the same sense of humor. They gel super well together I think that would be such a dream team i would love to see that. So what happens to the rest of the booths? Al Michaels gets Troy Aikman to old guys get it done. Jim Nanz gets Chris Collinsworth and they become the most hated TV couple out there.



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