Cy Young voters have moved past a pitcher’s win-loss record. Or have they?

Perception is everything, but more often than not, it’s deceiving and it leads people into making blank statements without properly analyzing the facts, the subject I’m about to address, really represents that well.
We are in 2018, and the consensus around the MLB community is that we’ve moved past the point of using a pitcher’s win as an accurate measurement of their performance. While for the most part that is true, when you look at the data, it becomes clear that part of that is perception.
I decided to go back to the beginning of the decade (2010-18), at all the Cy Young winners for both leagues since, and analyze if the most deserving pitcher actually won it and if he didn’t, did their win-loss record have anything to do with it.
Obviously looking back at the winners of the 20th century would not be fair, as it wasn’t until the early 2000’s with the Moneyball revolution and all of the sabermetricians that this really took off and people started acknowledging it.
So let’s begin.


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