Darvish, Where Are Yu Going?

The offseason has sucked. It’s been horrible, and the clock almost strikes February with most major free agents still on the market. Yes, there were 2 major outfielders, one traded and one signed with Milwaukee yesterday in Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich, but the major free agents are still available. Perhaps the best of them is starting pitcher Yu Darvish. He had a bad World Series, but besides the ERA being up he was still dominating hitters with a 1.16 WHIP, and had a 4.69 K:BB ratio since traded to the Dodgers. His stuff remains electric with 3 dominant fastball variations, a 4 seam, 2 seam, and cutter, along with his trademark slider and 12-6. Many teams  are interested in acquiring Darvish for the upcoming seasons and here are the favorites to sign Darvish.

1. Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have lost Jake Arrieta this offseason and Yu Darvish would help bolster a Cubs rotation that needs serious depth and make them a contender. They have expressed major interest and are currently the favorite to land Darvish, It makes perfect sense for both sides, the Cubs getting a top tier SP they need, and Darvish being the ace on a strong ball club.

2. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have made big moves this offseason, and after narrowly missing the playoffs would love to improve a weak rotation, and give them a legitimate playoff chance in the tough NL Central with Darvish. He would become the clear ace with the Brewers and help lead them to the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger fans may be skeptical to bring back Yu after a tough World Series, but tipping pitches could easily be fixed and Darvish would seriously help the Dodgers in 2018. The Dodgers are trying to stay under the luxury tax of 197 million, so there penalty resets to 20% for the big 2018 offseason, but bringing back Darvish could help bring home their first World Series since 1988 and give them one of baseballs best 1-2 punches.

4. Texas Rangers

The Rangers have a weak starting rotation and are familiar with Darvish, signing him out of Japan in 2012. Darvish has shown interest in returning to Texas, making the reunion more likely even though Texas isn’t a big contender.

5. Minnesota Twins

The Twins have a strong group of young players, and made the playoffs last year losing to the Yankees in the wild card round. The Indians are the only other AL Central contender and with many games against the Royals, White Sox, and Tigers the Twins have a favorable chance at making the 2018 playoffs. Bringing in Darvish only helps those chances, and improves their shot at the playoffs.

6. Los Angeles Angels

This scenario is a bit of a wildcard, but the Angels have made splashy moves the entire offseason and why stop now. Mike Trout is one of the greatest baseball players ever, and in his prime so the Angels are going all in for 2018. Darvish would help bolster their rotation and give them a legitimate chance to dethrone the world champions Astros in the AL West, and make a deep postseason run.

Predicted Landing Spot: Brewers


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