David Johnson to return by Thanksgiving?

dj.0.gifThis Wednesday on Sirius XM Radio, Bruce Arians revealed that David Johnson could return as early as Thanksgiving.

David Johnson was put on IR after injured his wrist in week one against the Detroit Lions.

If David Johnson can play by Thanksgiving, that would set him up to play week 12 against the Jackson Jaguars. Below is the Arizona Cardinals schedule week 12 and beyond.

Week 12: Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 13: Los Angeles Rams

Week 14: Tennessee Titans

Week 15: Washington Redskins

Week 16: New York Giantsjohnson-stiff-arm-on-td-against-eagles-0.gif

Fantasy Implications:

If you are confident in your odds to make the playoffs in your league, then David Johnson is the perfect target for you. David Johnson undoubtedly a top three RB when healthy and having him on your playoff roster will do nothing but increase your odds of winning. David Johnson will win hundreds of players their fantasy belts this season and I recommend going after him while you can.


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