Derrick Rose in serious contract talks with Cavs 

Rose, Kyrie, LeBron, Love. It maybe not be the best set of “stars”, yes I said stars because only two out of the four are actual superstars and I’m sure all of you know who I am talking about. but with a possible addition of Derrick Rose it seems the Cavs or I should say LeBrons team, will give a little extra boost off the bench at the point guard position giving kyrie some needed rest throughout games and the season itself. Rose stayed healthy throughout last year and put up some stats that I thought most people would never see, 18 ppg 3 rpg and 4.4 apg. Now I know that may not be MVP Rose but that’s a resurging Rose and boy do I like it but then he got injured later that year. However if LeBron can figure out how to use Rose and keep him healthy then folks you might have a ticket punched to the Finals. However, we all thought with the signing the of Derron Williams that it would spark the old Williams but in reality it didn’t and only happened for a couple of games during the regular season but not the Finals. They also re-signed ex-Bull Kyle Krover to a solid yet over paid deal, but can Kyle return to Bull form this year to help lead the Cavs back to the finals or will Shump and Smith be valuable assets off the bench. The clock is ticking in Cleveland and for LeBron James. Win now or go back to the Cleveland team you were when LeBron left. I would hate to see that city crumble from underneath its feet again if James left. But James did fulfill his promise in his city getting a championship ring, trophy and banner. 


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