Diamond Candidates

With the roster update being postponed until next Friday(7/14) I thought I would highlight a few players that could go diamond within the coming weeks.

1.Jose Ramirez: This Season Jose Ramirez has been killing it earning the starting spot as the AL third baseman in the All Star Game. He has already surpassed his career high in homeruns with 15 while also batting .325.
Against right handed pitchers Ramirez has hit 11 homeruns and 17 doubles. He is due for a small upgrade in power versus right. Also, against left handed pitchers Ramirez is hitting .310. With his contact versus left being 78 I think it can use a slight upgrade to the low 80s.

2. Aaron Judge: Aaron Judge has been on a tear this year leading the AL in homeruns and RBIs while being second in batting average race. Judge like Ramirez has earned a starting spot in the all star game.
Judge has been batting .327 against both righties and lefties for the entirety of the season and deserves significant upgrades to both contact versus right and left.

3.Justin Turner: Turner has had great success batting this year leading the league with is .382 batting average. Turner has helped the dodgers tremendously with his high average.
This season Turner is batting a whopping .413 against lefties this season. Currently his contact versus left is 69 but that should change in an upcoming roster update and bump him up to diamond status.

4.Carlos Correa: Correa has been a major piece in the Astro’s hot start this season. He is having a breakout year and is deserving of an upgrade to diamond. Being an 89 overall he is not that far from diamond status.
Correa is batting a cool .353 against left handed pitching this year and deserves an upgrade in contact versus left.

5.Marcel Ozuna: Ozuna like Correa is an 89 overall and on the cusp of turning diamond. Ozuna is having a career year in Miami and has been a cornerstone of the Marlins offense.
So far Ozuna has been batting .310 against right handed pitchers and deserves an upgrade in contact versus right. Ozuna has also hit 20 bombs along with 12 doubles versus righties which should justify a boost in power versus right.

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