Diamond Dynasty card review (90 overall Kyle Schwarber) 

This card is one of the best hitters in the whole game, especially vs right handed pitching. With 94 contact and 99 power his card eats right handers up. That is if you can handle his 34 vision. He is prone to strikeouts, more than others. He handles lefties alright, but with his PCI being so small against lefties, it can get difficult to handle good left handers. 

If you play with him online, be prepared for players to work around him, throwing lots of balls in the dirt and plenty of inside (way inside) pitches. 

In overall, this is a very solid card, powered by his hitting stats. As you expect for a slugger, his defense is below average as well as his speed, but that is the price you pay for his power. His card has the ability to change the game with one swing of the bat with his power. 

Advice: if you have enough stubs, he could be a good investment as you would also be getting 94 Kris Bryant and potentially 99 Fergie Jenkins, who is one of the best pitchers in the game. 


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