Diamond Dynasty card review 97 Ian Kinsler and 93 Buddy Bell 

These cards are being put together in one article since they are both part of the Rangers team epic. Bell is obtained by collecting all of the Rangers and Kinsler can be obtained by finishing the team epics. 
Buddy Bell

Bell, in my opinion is almost as good of a card, if not better than Kinsler. They both have 97 contact v/r but Bell leads in fielding, and contact v/L. Buddy Bell has been one of the best players to play on my team, being solid defensively and easily hitting .300 with tons of pop. This card is one of my favorites in the game, especially for being a 93. 

Ian Kinsler 

As well as Bell, this card rakes. 97 contact v/r to go along with either 70, 71, or 72 in every other category. A huge part of his game is that he is decently fast, as I feel he plays faster than his 78 speed gives off, and with his 82 steal, I feel myself confidentiality stealing him online often. He plays pretty solid defense and with his compact swing, he is one of my best hitters and I feel confident every time he steps up to the plate. 


With both of these players on your team, you will be adding two great hitters to your squad. I would definitely recommend doing the Rangers team epic as I feel it is definitely worth the stubs. 


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