Don’t Worry the Cubs Will Win the Division

We have almost reached the all-star break, so I am going to give you some bold predictions for the rest of the year.

The Cubs Win the Division

I don’t care what anybody says, this Cubs team has way too much talent not to win the division. Once the Cubs go out at the deadline and get pitching they will be fine. Many people are saying that the offense needs some help, NO IT DOES NOT! The Cubs are ranked ninth in the MLB in batting statistics and half of the team has had some kind of injury this year.With everyone back and healthy this offense will be just fine, so calm down.

Kyle Schwarber Will Finish the Year Batting Over .250

This is a very BOLD prediction, but I do believe Kyle is going to play a lot better after the all star break. Since Kyle has been back with the Cubs he has been working a lot better at bats, and it appears that he is seeing the ball a lot better (Kyle doubles as I’m typing this). I think Kyle is too good of a ball player to finish the year batting below .200.

Jake Arrieta Turns Back to His Old Self

If you throw out the start against the Nationals, Arrieta, has a 1.70 Era in his last 6 starts. Jake has not been getting into near as much trouble lately and he is going later into ballgames. It would not surprise me at all if Jake can keep this up and finish the year with a good ERA.


Welp, these are some of my bold predictions for the rest of the year. Let me know if you agree with me in the comments below or on our twitter @1N2W_



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