Eight Bold Predictions for the Second Half of the NFL Season

We are eight games nearly through the NFL season so what’s next for what has already been a crazy NFL season? Here are eight bold predictions for the second half of the NFL season.
1.       The New York Jets will go 8-8 and be in the mix for a playoff spot in the beginning of December: The Jets are a frisky great team. They lack the ability to close games, which will hurt them long run and keep them out of the playoffs, but guess what they’re good enough to upset teams like the Chiefs, Raiders, Saints, Panthers and maybe even waltz into Foxboro in a meaningless game in week 17 and beat the Pats. Josh McCown isn’t a franchise QB but he’s making a case for why he could be a 2-3-year option in New York as the Jets rebuild around him and wait for a franchise QB.

2.       The Steelers will give Le’veon Bell 400 touches: Yes, that’s crazy. Look at his touches thus far though he already has 169 touches this year. At this rate 400 touches isn’t that crazy. The Steelers can’t do that though, you drafted James Conner who has played well for a reason. Split the touches and save Bell for the playoffs. The last thing you want is another injury in the first quarter of the Divisional round or Conference finals that completely derails your game plan and ruins your season as it has in years past.

3.       The Jaguars: What I mean by that is, the Jags will not only win the division, they will also finish with ten wins, and this is the boldest of bold, they will win a home playoff game. The Jaguars have the recipe to win games get a lead with your running game and close with defense. Also the fact that Blake Bortles can be a deep threat QB when you stack the box. Bortles isn’t awful he’s a situation QB. If he has to throw 30+ times a game he’s an awful QB. If it’s 10-15 times he can be dangerous.

4.       The Chargers will make the playoffs: I’m back in on a Chargers team that could easily be 5-2 if two kicks had gone there way. Philip Rivers is moving the ball and they have a top ten defense that is playing the best it ever has over the last two years. The Chargers will only lose two more games and finish 10-6 good enough to grab a wild card.

Keenan Allen
5.       The Cowboys will win out: This is an extra bold prediction because it has moving parts. This prediction counts on the fact that Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension will not come during this regular season. Right now the Cowboys are playing the best offensive football they have all year it is finally looking like the Cowboys team of last year. The Schedule for the Cowboys minus the Eagles twice is incredibly winnable for them. Dak Prescott is playing out of his mind right now and though the defense is bad they were able to shut down a bad offense in San Francisco which is a good sign.

dak edit.jpg
6.       The Vikings will get the number one seed in the NFC: This may not seem that crazy but a lot of things have to go right for this to happen. The Saints have to stumble, the Eagles probably have to lose 3 games and the Cowboys can’t suddenly get good and run the table. Case Keenum also has to keep playing better than he ever has in his career. Maybe Teddy Bridgewater comes back though and maybe he’s just as good as he was before his injury. Remember we were talking about Teddy Bridgewater as a QB that could make a huge jump going into the 2016 season.

7.       The NFC South will produce only one playoff team: Not that bold actually. For a division we thought would be one of the best in football the most complete team is the Saints a team we completely dismissed in the offseason. The Panthers can’t run the ball, the Falcons can run the ball but can’t score, and the Buccaneers can’t play defense. Double bold prediction the Saints get a first-round bye.

Matt Ryan
8.       The Seattle Seahawks win the division and the Rams make the playoffs: Not super bold but I think that Seattle has figured it out and now has the recipe. Dominant defense and decent running back plus top ten QB equals division winner.


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