Eight things we learned from Thursdays pre season games.

  1. Ryan Mallet continues to struggle with interceptions. Mallet threw two interceptions in Fridays game and continues to struggle in practice. It is clear that the Ravens need a better backup plan, if they don’t find one they may not have a chance this season. Especially if Joe Flacco struggles with a back injury.
  2. Jay Cutler was fine but we need to see more. Cutler only got to throw the ball six times against the ravens. He completed three of those passes for 24 yards but that is certainly not enough data to make a judgement off of. Cutler needs at least the first half of the Dolphins third preseason game if not more to get acclimated to the NFL again.
  3. Javorius Allen is an exciting prospect. He had 40 yards rushing on ten attempts. Allen could see time in a backfield that lacks real pop though. Don’t be surprised if he runs with the first teamers in week 3.
  4. This Tampa Bay offense is for real. The starters played the entire first half for the Bucs. In the second preseason game that is an amazing statement. Jameis Winston threw for 196 yards and completed all but 8 passes going 21 for 29. Winston did take licks though, being hit eleven times and being sacked twice. Still the Bucs only put up 12 points in the first half. The Jags defense was stellar in the red zone but the fact Tampa went one for three in the red zone is a just a bit concerning. All concern was dispelled over Doug Martin however. Martin on five carries had 31 yards and a touchdown. The fact Koetter played his starters for a full half in the second preseason game makes me like him as a coach even more. He knows this team has high aspirations and he doesn’t want any rust when the season starts. Too often over hyped teams start there first four games slow only to heat up later in the year, but those four games could mean the difference between a 9-7 playoff miss and a 12-4 Lombardi contender. The fact Koetter gets that makes me fall for these Bucs even more.
  5. Blake Bortles remains a mystery. Bortles went eight for fifteen and threw for 65 yards, less than impressive. Though no interceptions from an interception prone QB is always a solid stat to have in your back pocket.
  6. You should get to know the name Nathan Peterman. The former Pitt Panther out shone Tyrod Taylor in the Bills game against the Eagles. Taylor was lack luster throwing for only 53 yards and 2 interceptions. Peterman threw ten completions for a total of 167 yards. If the feeling in Buffalo remains the same as it was last year and Taylor is not one hundred percent there guy if the Bills struggle Peterman could see playing time this year. I would be shocked if he didn’t get more time with the ones in the coming week.
  7. Carson Wentz remains a mystery. The fact the second year QB out of North Dakota state played less than a quarter in the second game of the preseason is shocking. Especially considering the fact he had major mechanics flaws at the end of the year. In other news Matt Mcgloin is still a serviceable NFL back up.
  8. With Doug Martins suspension still looming the Bucs may have found a solid back up in running back Peyton Barber. Barber had 9 carries for 42 yards. He could be a solid waiver wire pick up after your fantasy draft.

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