England vs. Belgium; The World Cup Game That is a ‘Must Watch’

Thursday, June 28th at 1 pm central time the World Cup will bless us with two great teams and one strange scenario.


Belgium and England are tied atop Group G with 6 points each. They are also tied in goals for and goals against. If the game ends in a draw the winner of the group will be decided by a series of tie breakers that eventually settles on yellow and red cards. Belgium has three yellow and no red cards, while England has two yellow and no red cards. (England wins the group if the game ends in a draw and no cards are given).


With that settled (sorta), a huge obstacle lies ahead for the winner of the group; a likely future matchup with Germany or Brazil. Now the loser of the group would likely matchup against Mexico or Switzerland at some point. These players are here to compete with their pride on their chests and their country beating in their hearts, but keep in mind that the loser of this group may draw themselves an “easier” path.


As England have been known to “choke” on the world stage more recently, I could see them winning the group and then promptly being blown out of the water in the round of 16 by Columbia, Japan, or Senegal.


Whatever happens though, this game is bound to have a great story rise from it.


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