Eric Jensen’s Misinformed NBA Power Rankings.

Ive been watching the NBA for the past two weeks so I’m basically an expert. If you have a problem with these rankings that’s cool. I used stats standings and my eyes, enjoy.
1. Golden State
2. Boston
3. Houston
4. Toronto
5. San Antonio
The Warriors continue to roll through the league with not only the best offense but one of the best defenses in the league. The Celtics have rebounded nicely from a 4 game losing streak to go 2-1 in there last three games. That one loss, to golden state in one of the best matchups of the year. I would take the Celtics over the Rockets easily, the Celtics just play better defense and that gives them the edge over Houston. Toronto is a surprise four, but you can’t overlook the work the team has done up in the great white north. The Spurs are playing without Kawhi and have the fourth best defense in the league according to that is incredibly impressive.

6. Oklahoma City
7. Minnesota
8. Milwaukee
9. Portland
10. Indiana
Oklahoma City has finally figured things out. The Thunder are on an 8 game winning streak propelled by Russell Westbrook what has been lost in this season is the fact that Russ is .5 rebounds away from averaging a triple double once again. Minnesota survived without Jimmy Butler and now that he’s back in the lineup they look to be soaring again. The Bucks have won 4 straight since firing Jason Kidd, so it turns out that was the right move to make. Portland’s perceived behind the scenes drama that involved Damian Lilard meeting with the GM seem to be unfounded. They are 5-1 in their last 6 and have the 11th best defense in the league. It isn’t like this team is a bottom feeder they just have a hard time keeping up in a packed western conference.

11. Cleveland
12. Miami
13. Philadelphia
14. Denver
15. New York
Cleveland’s struggles are well documented but to say they are worse than the 11th best team in the league is foolish. I feel semi bad for putting Indy over them. Indy has had more recent success though. Miami is an excellent example of what great coaching can do. Philly had a really good stretch but now has lost two straight as Joel Embiid is day to day, what’s new with that though? The Sixers healthy have great potential in the playoffs, staying healthy is there biggest weakness though. To explain a little about the rest of these rankings. The Wizards are so low because Jhon Wall is out for two months, same with the Pelicans injury screws you in these rankings. Also of course the Blake Griffin trade is figured into these rankings.

16. New Orleans
17. Utah
18. Washington
19. Detroit
20. LA Lakers

21. LA Clippers
22. Memphis
23. Charlotte
24. Brooklyn
25. Chicago
26. Dallas
27. Sacramento
28. Phoenix
29. Atlanta
30. Orlando


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