ERIC’S EXISTENTIAL FOOTBALL CRISIS: NFL Scheduling, What’s up with these terrible Prime Time games?

The NFL has a scheduling problem. Or perhaps its just a quality of football problem. The next two weeks contain several snoozers as far as games go. In fact the most entertaining games over the next two weeks seem to be, Falcons Lions, Vikings Buccaneers (that is if Sam Bradford is healthy), Broncos Raiders, Steelers Ravens and for benefit of the doubt Chiefs Chargers. The point is that the NFL has exactly 32 games over two weeks and all of five of them inspire intrigue. How can this be?

The NFL has to do a better job of scheduling. I understand that you can’t have a killer set of games every week but you should separate the bad weeks and put them towards the middle of the season weeks 8-11 rather than have them at the beginning of the season. You don’t want the casual fan to get sucked in by weeks one and two and then immediately lose interest for two weeks because of a week game slate. How does the NFL hope to lure the next generation of fans in if football isn’t fun to watch for two weeks. The everyday fan doesn’t want to see the Packers blow out the Bengals or the Steelers annihilate the Bears. They want to see the upstart Broncos play the upstart Eagles to determine which of those teams is legit.


In an age in which football is in danger of losing popularity within the next 10-15 years why would the league shoot themselves in the foot with poor scheduling? More specifically poor primetime scheduling. The next two weeks of prime-time games are particularly egregious, Washington at Oakland this week and Seattle and Indianapolis next week. Let us start with the more particularly heinous matchup. Why would you put Indy without Andrew Luck in primetime? Honestly, I get the fact they didn’t know he would be out this long but the Colts? Really? They haven’t been a playoff team in two years and they didn’t gain anything over the offseason. Why not the obvious choice of Broncos Raiders. Its march you expect the Raiders to be a major contender and the Broncos at home are always tough to play against. Why isn’t that the primetime show down?


Am I going to stop watching football? No, of course not. The point here is that those not obsessed with football, aka the common American is not deeply interested in seeing two mediocre teams go head to head early in the year, and never in prime time. There are problems with the game we love, but they can be fixed. Hope you enjoyed, see you next week.


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