Every thing you need to know for tomorrow’s roster update (July 21st)

This Friday, Sony San Diego will be releasing their weekly roster update at 2 pm Central. Hopefully, this week is on time compared to last weeks and its delay. Last week’s roster update was decent in terms of upgrades, Correa saw an upgrade to diamond while Rivero and others saw their cards see an upgrade to gold. This week we look forward to much more with many players deserving upgrade. In fact, personally, I feel there are about 10 cards who deserve to be diamond. Later in the post, I will be leaving a link to the post where I ranked the order of who I felt will go diamond. Below are all of the links you need in order to be caught up in time for this week’s roster update plus an extra five players who could see an upgrade.

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Roster Update Predictions

Who has the best chance of being upgraded to a diamond this week?

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Roster Update Predictions

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Position Players Roster Update Predictions

Bonus Players by Pro Sports Fandom

Aroldis Chapman 92 to 90

Chapman is currently sitting at a 3.42 ERA and a 1.44 WHIP, pretty bad for a diamond reliever. He has given up 23 hits this year in 23.2 innings, so I expect his H/9, which currently sits at 99, to see a significant drop.

Corey Seager 90 to 90 (yes, no change)

Corey Seager has had a pretty good year, he is slashing .301/.398/.514 with 15 HRs. The reason I put him on this list is that his stats do not match his attributes. He has 98 contact vs right-handers despite only hitting .286 on the season. But, he is hitting .333 vs left-handers despite his 76 contact. He is slugging .586 vs lefties and only .482 vs righties so look for those numbers to see a change.

Kris Bryant 92 to 93

Kris Bryant was surprisingly dropped from a 94 to a 92 earlier this season. He is batting .270 vs right handers and hit .284 vs right-handers last season (which yes, does matter for MLB The Show Rosters). I expect his 64 contact to see a boost and end up somewhere about 70.

Chris Taylor 78 to 82

Chris Taylor is currently rocking a .307 batting average with a .902 OPS. He is batting .391 vs left-handers so look for his 75 contact to see a slight increase. Also, he is slugging .652 vs left-handers so look for his 56 power to see a hefty upgrade.

Travis Shaw 80 to 83

Travis Shaw has been a breakout player this year for the Brewers and he is a big reason why the Brewers currently are in first place of the NL Central. He is hitting .298 on the season with 21 HRs and is rocking a .936 OPS. He has 18 of his HRs vs right-handed pitching so look for his 82 power to see an upgrade. Shaw is also batting .314 vs righties so don’t be surprised if his 78 contact saw a slight boost as well.

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