Ezekiel Elliott “likely to play all season”

With all of the craziness that is going on in the United States between what is left from Hurricane Harvey and the rest of the Southeast United States preparing for Hurricane Irma, there was some clarity provided by the Texas court system in the Ezekiel Elliot case.  This all broke within the past few moments as Adam Schefter had the scoop:

This only provides one of many answers in a very murky situation from the start.  Jerry Jones and Cowboys fans are viewing this as a win since the Ezekiel Elliott suspension would have majorly affected their season.  In 2016, the Cowboys were able to pick up 5.1 yards per carry when Elliott was on the field compared to a mediocre 3.8 yards per carry when he was off the field for any reason.  Elliott quickly became a star before our eyes in 2016 and he is looking to build upon what he built during his rookie year.  He has all the same surrounding pieces except for right tackle Doug Free.  Entering his 3rd season, La’el Collins will take over at right tackle while Chaz Green will slide in to the left guard position, who is also entering his 3rd season with the Cowboys.

While it looks like Ezekiel Elliott will likely be able to start every game this season, the Cowboys young running back needs to learn a lesson from this entire situation. As a young athlete with fame, money, and starpower, he must be extra cautious in these types of situations for his career, but also his personal life.  There is still a lot that we do not know about this case yet, but the issue of his playing time and earning potential in this season currently seems to be stable once again.


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