Ezekiel Elliott to be suspended.

According to many recent reports, including Pro Football Talk of NBC, Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended under the Personal Conduct Policy.

The reports are suggesting the suspension will be in the three to four game range.

Elliott is accused of five domestic violence incidents over a six day period.

The reports are expecting the official word to come Friday the 11th.


This report has major fantasy implications as well as real life implications. We asked three of our authors what they will do in drafts if Zeke were to be suspended.

Q: If Zeke gets suspended four games, where are you taking him?


Pro Sports Fandom: Eight-10th

Like Pro Sports Fandom mentioned, Elliott is a lock for top 5 running-back when on the field, and that is someone I want on my roster. Selecting a player who is suspended in the first round may seem dumb, but it really isn’t. It is all about value my friends. If you pick Zeke, you are best off selecting a player like Darren McFadden or Jacquizz Rodgers (who are filling in for suspended players). The loss in value between Zeke and let’s say, Jacquizz Rodgers, the first four weeks really is worth having Zeke down the stretch. If you can pair Zeke with a solid fill-in for the first four weeks, your team will be looking real good.

Fantasy Football PSF: Seventh-Eight

I’m taking him seventh in standard leagues and eight in PPR leagues. Look at what Le’Veon Bell did for fantasy owners who invested in him last season, he won them, leagues. When healthy, Elliott is a sure-fire top ten RB and somehow I would love to have on my team headed down the stretch.


Ian Cusick: Not drafting him

Should Ezekiel Elliott be suspended for the first 4 games of 2017, I would probably try to avoid him altogether. Personally, I don’t like taking players who are suspended early because that can kill momentum, and if I take Zeke early and go 0-4 in some nightmare scenario, chances are I’m not making playoffs. But of course that’s an extremity, and honestly, I’d take him if it got to the point where he was truly the best option out there. My strategy is to just let another owner take him, that simple.


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