Fantasy Football Q & A. Sleeper picks, busts, Ezekiel Elliott and more!

Today will be doing a Fantasy Football Q & A, covering our sleepers, busts, favorite rookies and much more. Today on the panel we have @ProSportsFandom, @prosportsfandom @FantasyftblPSF and @Ian_Cusick of and @Snack_TimeFS of

All four of us will be answering six questions regarding fantasy football and your fantasy drafts. So without more, here they are.

Q: Who is your favorite sleeper pick for this year’s draft?

Pro Sports Fandom: Tyrell Williams

I love Tyrell Williams this season. Last season he racked up over 1,000 yards and 7 touchdowns as the Chargers top receiver. Now that Keenan Allen is back, all the love for Williams has passed in the Fantasy community, enough that Williams has an ADP of 105, not even in the top 100, but why? Williams proved last season that he is a dominant receiver who is capable of week winning performances. Keenan Allen is great, but often hurt and even when he is in his targets should not take away from Williams. Tyrell has the potential to be a consistent WR2 in fantasy this year and I’d love for him to be on my rosters this year.

Snack Time Fantasy: Willie Snead

The New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees sure love their wide receivers, and that should benefit Willie Snead greatly in 2017. With Brandin Cooks gone to New England, that leaves Snead and second-year wideout Michael Thomas as the only viable fantasy options in the aerial attack. With two seasons of experience under his belt, as well as Brees’ trust, Snead should take the next step and reach 1,000 yards this year, a number he came just shy of reaching both times.

Fantasy Football PSF: Danny Woodhead

The best example of a true satellite back, Danny Woodhead. Last season the running-back had his season end short after tearing his ACL in week two, but this year expect better things from Woodhead. This off-season Woodhead signed with the Ravens, who love throwing to the RB. Even better for Woodhead, their starting RB, Kenneth Dixon, suffered a season ending injury, which opens things up for Woodhead. Especially in PPR leagues, Woodhead is a steal where he is being drafted right now.

Ian Cusick: Mike Gillislee

Yeah, yeah, I know. The cardinal sin of fantasy football is to never take a Patriots running back, especially this season, with 4 backs who can make a case for being the primary back. Well, I think Gillislee, who led the NFL in rushing efficiency, is a special case. I drafted LeGarrette Blount last season late and the reward was incredible. While I do not believe Gillislee will match Blount’s 1,000 yards and 18 Touchdowns, I can see him easily putting up 800 yards and 10 Touchdowns if he fills Blount’s role as the primary power running back from last season. An added benefit Gillislee has is his catching ability, which Blount severely lacks, for the most part. That kind of back is perfect for the Patriot Offense, and I expect Gillislee will be a dangerous player for the Patriots and any fantasy owner willing to take a risk.

Q: Who are you taking first overall this year?

Pro Sports Fandom: David Johnson

This is a tough one for almost every fantasy player, whether to pick David Johnson or Le’Veon Bell with the first pick. But to me, it is more simple. Both are incredibly talented and are similar players, so when choosing between the two, you need to find something that separates one from the other and with David Johnson, there are two reasons why I’m taking him. The first is because of injury risk, I feel much more confident leaving my fantasy teams in the hands of David Johnson then Bell. The second and bigger reason is Fantasy Play-Off schedule. Le’Veon plays the Ravens, Patriots, and Texans in weeks 14, 15 and 16, yuck.

Snack Time Fantasy: Le’Veon Bell

With Zeke suspended and David Johnson recovering from a knee injury, Le’Veon Bell is my first overall pick for fantasy this season. No missed games this year will keep him from reaching his potential as the bell cow in the Steelers’ offense, and even a three-game penalty in 2016 didn’t prevent him from ranking third among running backs. Bell is legit, and the Steelers’ loaded offense only helps his case.

Fantasy Football PSF: Le’Veon Bell

With the first pick, I will be selecting the best RB in the league with Le’Veon Bell. Last season Bell outperformed David Johnson in every aspect besides touchdowns, which I don’t expect to happen this season. When on the field Le’Veon has proven his dominance, along with the Steelers dynamic offense, he is everything you can want out of a first round pick.

Ian Cusick: David Johnson

Need I really say more?

But in all seriousness, Johnson was the highest-scoring fantasy player last season. It seems like a no-brainer that he goes #1 overall in any league.

Q: Which player are you avoiding in your drafts?

Pro Sports Fandom: Spencer Ware

In Ware’s 214 rushing attempts last season, Ware got into the End-Zone just three times, less than his number of fumbles (4). In this year’s draft, Kansas City went out and drafted stud RB, Kareem Hunt. I fully expect this backfield to start the year as a timeshare, that I want no part of. Kareem Hunt is a sleeper to even take over as the starting RB if he plays like he has been reported. I recommend staying away from Spencer Ware and his pricey draft cost.

Snack Time Fantasy: Terelle Pryor

Although his offseason training workouts and preseason highlights are impressive, I’m still not buying into Terrelle Pryor as a solid WR2 on my fantasy team. At his current ADP (3.06), he’s just not worth the value with more proven players, such as Michael Crabtree or Golden Tate, still on the board. Just because he managed 1,000+ yards and 4 touchdowns on a lowly Browns offense doesn’t guarantee the same stats with the Redskins, especially with Jamison Crowder and Josh Doctson in the mix. The hype has gone too far.

Fantasy Football PSF: Joe Mixon

This one hurts being I am actually am a big fan of Mixon. But with the recent reports that Hill will be leading the back field, this is something I want to stay away from entirely. Even if Mixon takes over, chances are that Hill will still be commanding the goal-line touches. You also cannot forget about Giovanni Bernard who is a very solid runner too. Mixon is a great running back, but this year I’m staying away from him in fantasy drafts.

Ian Cusick: Leonard Fournette

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Fournette fan. I want him to succeed in the NFL. I just do not have faith in that Jacksonville Offensive Line to match where Fournette is being drafted (back of round 2, top of round 3). Fournette looks really good. That Line, on the other hand, does not. There are too many question marks in that offense for me to justify taking a rookie RB early from that offense. I really hope I’m wrong with this but I just do not see it happening this season.

Q: Who is your favorite rookie for Fantasy Football this season?

Pro Sports Fandom: Leonard Fournette

This one is pretty easy, Fournette is the best rookie and is in one of the best spots as well. Jacksonville’s coach has come out and said that he wants to ride Fournette this season and that means high rewards for fantasy owners. Jacksonville has been without a strong runner for years and has relied on the turnover prone quarterback, Blake Bortles, to run their offense. Look for this year’s season to be different, look for Fournette to carry the workload and finish as a low-end RB1.

Fantasy Football PSF: Samaje Perine 

This one is tough but I like Perine’s value the most right now. Obviously, I still like Fournette, Cook, and McCaffrey more than Perine, but I love where Perine is going in drafts. Perine is the superior back compared to Rob Kelley otherwise known as “Fat Rob” (not a good name for a running-back). I think Perine’s value to start the season won’t be too much, but as the season plays on and Kelley struggles, look for Perine to take over and run away with the job.

Ian Cusick: Christian McCaffrey and OJ Howard

I’m going to cheat a bit here and pick two. I’m going to do that because I really cannot decide between these two.

I’m not going to lie. I was a bit skeptical of McCaffrey. I thought he was drafted too early. But, the more I see out of him, the more I like. He’s a very well-rounded back and should see plenty of targets and carries. He plays in a division far more emphasized on offense than defense (I mean, come on. He gets to play the Saints twice a year, The 49ers, Jets, and Dolphins as well this year), and I can see him putting up big numbers if he lives up to his draft stock.

Howard was one of my favorite rookies going into the draft. A big guy who can block pretty well and catch passes very well. Like I said with McCaffrey, Howard plays in a pretty lousy division for defense, but he does not receive the benefit McCaffrey has by not having to play Carolina’s defense twice a year. However, with Tampa Bay’s Offense quickly becoming one of the most improved in recent years, Howard will probably be one of the best rookies for fantasy.

Q: Zeke is no suspended six games, where are you taking him?


Pro Sports Fandom: Rounds 3-4

Zeke owners will now be unable to plug Elliott into their lineups until week 8 (with the Cowboys having a week 6 bye). Elliott is a great running back and a great fantasy football player and having him down the stretch very well could win you a championship. I love investing in Elliott now, but if I do I think that Darren McFadden is almost a must-own player.


Snack Time Fantasy: No Change

I’m expecting little change in my rankings. Players like Le’Veon Bell have shown that sitting out a few games due to a suspension shouldn’t impact where you draft them because they will still finish in the Top 5 group of running backs anyway. Plus, you can always afford to tank the first fantasy matchups of the season for the benefit of starting them in the playoffs later down the road.

Ian Cusick: Not drafting him

Should Ezekiel Elliott be suspended for the first 6 games of 2017, I would probably try to avoid him altogether. Personally, I don’t like taking players who are suspended early because that can kill momentum, and if I take Zeke early and go 0-6 in some nightmare scenario, chances are I’m not making playoffs. But of course that’s an extremity, and honestly, I’d take him if it got to the point where he was truly the best option out there. My strategy is to just let another owner take him, that simple. 

Q: Who is your must-own handcuff this year?

Pro Sports Fandom: James Conner

I love Le’Veon Bell, but if he is on any of my rosters, I will be rostering James Conner as well. Bell has been no guarantee to play all 16 games to begin his career, and if injured, James Conner shoots up to the borderline RB1 discussion. For Le’Veon Bell owners, James Conner is a must-own pick in my opinion.

Snack Time Fantasy: Cj Prosise

With the Seahawks’ backfield murkier than the Amazon, the situation in Seattle may seem like the lottery. However, one ticket you might consider investing in is sophomore tailback, C.J. Prosise. With Eddie Lacy still battling weight issues, and Thomas Rawls struggling to fend off injuries, the door is wide open for Prosise to steal the starting gig during preseason football or early in the regular season. He’s cheap too: he has a sneaky ADP of 11.03.

Fantasy Football PSF: Duke Johnson Jr.

I love Duke Johnson as a value pick. The reason is that even if Crowell doesn’t miss time, he still gets enough as a receiver that he is still worth owning. But if something happens to Crowell, he shoots into the borderline RB1 discussion. Not only is Johnson an incredible receiver, he is, of course, a great runner. Johnson is the all-time leading rusher at the University of Miami, which is no easy task. I love Johnson because regardless of what happens he has value, but his ceiling is incredibly high.

Ian Cusick: Tevin Coleman

I’m really liking Tevin Coleman. Devonta Freeman just had a massive payday, so the Falcons expect big things out of him, but I can see Coleman being a significant presence like last season if he can stay healthy. The Falcons ran a good amount of 2 back offense, featuring Freeman and Coleman, so if this offense matches the 2016 Falcons’ production, Coleman will be a fantasy steal if he’s acquired later in the draft. I’m not even necessarily saying to hand-cuff Freeman with Coleman, just that Coleman’s floor is a low-end RB2 high-end RB3, but if something would happen to Freeman, Coleman would soar to a no-doubt top 10 RB and could be a league winner. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and learned a little from it.

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