Fantasy impact of the Rodgers injury and how if impacts rest of Packers

Terrible news out of Minnesota is that Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone in today’s game against the Vikings. Last time Rodgers broke his collarbone he missed seven weeks, but that was his left shoulder, not right (like suffered today).  Rodgers is sadly expected to miss the remainder of the 2017 season.

WRs & TEs

Other than Aaron Rodgers himself, the person suffering the most loss will be Jordy Nelson. Nelson has been Rodgers go-to receiver for years and should be in for a loss of red-zone targets and quality targets. Nelson moves from a consistent WR1 to a borderline WR2/3

Adams, Cobb, and Bennett also should be in for a decrease in quality targets and red zone opportunities. Each one needs to have their expectations tampered for the rest of the season. Adams suffers a loss down to the WR3 category and Cobb and Bennett become border-line droppable in leagues with Hundley under center.

Running Backs

Possibly the only person this benefits is Aaron Jones… Jones showed his skills as a runner last week against the Cowboys and is in for more carries and more red zone work. Montgomery is fragile and simply, isn’t that good of a runner. I’d be targeting Jones in all of my leagues, who has league winning potential. Jones is a prototype runner who has a history of not only dominating at the RB position but being able to handle high workloads, unlike Montgomery.

This hurts the stock of Ty Montgomery, who is best served as a receiving threat out of the backfield, not a rusher. It has been a rough stretch for Montgomery with the emergence of the rookie, Aaron Jones, and this recent injury to Rodgers. Oh yeah, you can’t forget about his injuries as of late. Montgomery’s expectations need to be lessened for all fantasy owners. Montgomery is best served as an RB3 for the rest of the season.

Aaron Jones is the man, that should really be the title of this post. Jones has all the skills needed as a runner, and yeah athleticism matters in athletics. Jones is clearly the superior athlete, and runner when compared to Montgomery. The stars have aligned for Aaron Jones and you need to go get him in all of your fantasy leagues. Overpay for him if you have to, Aaron Jones is now the centerpiece of this Packers’ offense, not Rodgers, not Nelson, not Adams, but yes, Aaron Jones. I may be stretching a bit, but I have Aaron Jones as a low-end RB1 for the rest of the season who offers league winning potential.

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