Fascinating Training Camp Storylines.

With the Pre Season just days away I think that it is worth looking at some of the biggest storylines that have come out of camp this year.


These Browns are not your fathers Browns.
The Browns are very confident, that isn’t a bad thing. Listen when Jarvis Landry says the team will win the Super Bowl, of course, he means it and it sounds ridiculous but every single player would say that before the season. Every team should believe they have a chance to win the Super Bowl. If you have players that say, we aren’t going to make the playoffs, your organization has a real problem. Optimism isn’t a bad thing, it seems like the Browns never have it and this year they do it is a nice change of pace. Another thing I love about this team is Baker Mayfield as a person. This just shows how wrong draft nicks can be about player personalities. Everyone dinged Mayfield’s personality coming into the draft and were proven completely wrong. The Browns QB is a great person, coming back to sign autographs for young fans after he is off the clock and working with Cleveland charities. He is one of the most fascinating personalities out of this draft. The Browns did not make a mistake taking him number one. Baker starts by week 6.


The Unreal Antony Miller Hype

Anthony Miller is dominating in Bears training camp and could be the number one receiver. Everything out of Chicago has been hype on the second-round draft pick. The offense is reportedly not clicking as well as they would like to be but I wouldn’t be to concerned if I were a Bears fan. I am excited to see what this team is in the preseason. Sounds like Taylor Gabriel is going to be the fourth wideout which means former first-round draft pick Kevin White might not make the roster.


The Broncos, perhaps a Sleeper to Win the Division.

The hype out of Denver on the offense is unreal. Courtland Sutton has become a star of training camp and apparently a guy that might be able to steal away one of the two starting spots. Case Keenum is continually complemented by Vance Joseph and tight end Jake Butt is performing well for the first time Broncos fans have ever seen him play football. The one concern for me is still the offensive line, especially if second-year tackle Garett Bolles injury is serious. The other thing you aren’t hearing is hype about the defense, that is more concerning to me than the O line. No matter what if Denver’s defense isn’t top ten next year this team stands no chance to make the playoffs. They are built to win on defense, if they don’t have a good defense, this is pretty much common sense but I don’t think they’ll win many games. Then again, this is training camp.


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