Five Bold Predictions for the rest of the MLB season

Now that we can finally begin the second half of the MLB season, below are five predictions I have for the rest of the season.

Cubs have the best 2nd half record and win division

This one may not seem too bold, but as of now the Cubs are just 43-45 on the season and have not looked very good. Well, Joe Maddon and the Cubs have a tendency to perform well in the second half. Below is the Cubs record after the All-Star break since Joe Maddon has taken over as manager.

2015:  50-25

2016:  50-23

This year, the Cubs look to do it again. The trade for Quintana helps, but the Cubs need more especially from key players like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Schwarber, and more. The Cubs need quite a bit of players to bounce-back but Maddon is the manager to do so and the Cubs are the club that can. Look out for them to get on a huge run.

Manny Machado hits over .320 in the second half

Manny Machado is one of the best players in the league. But this year he has not been. He is hitting just .230 with a .741 OPS. But, unfortunately for Machado, he has hit into a lot of bad luck this season. Via Ryan Spaeder of Sporting News, Manny Machado leads the league in balls hit with an exit velocity of over 100 mph. Below are the league leaders in that category.

  1. Manny Machado: 93 – .230/.296/445
  2. Aaron Judge: 92 – .329/.448/.691
  3. Marcell Ozuna: 91 – .316/.374/.566
  4. George Springer: 89 – .310/.380/.613
  5. Carlos Correa: 88 – .325/.402/.577

Machado is hitting just .565 on these balls, which although seems high, it really is not. Machado ranks 178th of 202 in batting average on balls hit at least 100 mph among ballplayers with at least 30 — and again, he has 93; Freddie Freeman ranks first at .850 (34 for 40).

Look for Machado to turn around his bad luck and have an MVP-Caliber second half.

Mike Trout surpasses Aaron Judge in WAR and wins MVP

This one may seem really bold. Aaron Judge leads the league in fWAR at 5.5, more than 1.0 than second place (Jose Altuve at 4.4). Then sits Mike Trout at 3.4 more than 2 behind Judge.

So let’s do some math

Trout WAR= 3.4 in 47 games (+1 in every 13.8 games)

Judge WAR= 5.5 in 84 games (+1 in every 15.3 games)

So if both players keep their pace, their end of the year fWAR would look like:

Trout: 9.7 (Counting games missed)

Judge: 10.5

Counting on Aaron Judge to slow down a little, Mike Trout should be able to pass Aaron Judge in WAR right before the season ends.

Josh Donaldson is traded

Josh Donaldson is one of the premier hitters in the MLB today, but the Blue Jays do not look to compete this season and next season looks iffy as well. Donaldson is set to become a free agent after next year’s season. The Blue Jays could change the course of their franchise with this trade. The return for a player such as Donaldson would re-stock their farm system and allow them to begin their rebuild with a bang.

Max Scherzer edges out Clayton Kershaw for Cy-Young. But wins MVP too

Both pitchers have had amazing starts to their 2017 campaigns, no surprise… Below is how the players compare this seasonScreen Shot 2017-07-14 at 8.58.03 PM.png

Max Scherzer currently leads the National league in fWAR and my prediction is that he keeps it that way. Max Scherzer looks to become the first pitcher to win MVP since Kershaw did so in 2014.

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