Five things we learned from Monday Night Football

1. The Broncos offense can move the ball. Through three quarters the Broncos marched the pig skins on the San Diego Chargers. Trevor Siemian looked fantastic, he had time to throw he got rid of the ball quickly and made all the improvements you hope to see a second year QB make. The running game was also working for the Broncos, the line created holes for both CJ Anderson and newly invigorated Jamal Charles. Before Charles had his fumble he was excellent. He gives the Broncos a fantastic secondary ground weapon to work with to take pressure off Trevor Siemian. Now to the bad.

2. In the fourth Quarter and really throughout the second half Menelik Watson was a turnstile at tackle. Siemian was under constant pressure late partly due to the fact that former Raider Menelik Watson played terribly. Before you get on Trevor Siemian for throwing a pick you should also look at the fact it wasn’t his fault. When Ronald Leary left this game with a concussion the Broncos line got noticeably worse, they are hoping they get him back for week 2 against the Cowboys.

3. Travis Benjamin is speedy quick. I have been preaching this for a while, in fact he was on a fantasy value list of mine this off season. The Chargers offense, which by the way looked sluggish until the fourth quarter, is propelled by his ability to open up everything underneath I would argue he is more valuable to the team than Keenan Allen.

4. Stefon Diggs has arrived and apparently Sam Bradford wasn’t a fluke last year. Against 9yes a very unimpressive) Saints pass rush the Minnesota Line, one of the worst in the league last year, held up. Oh boy did that change things for the Vikes. This team looked like the 6-0 team that started last year. I’m not buying in yet but hey I like fun football and right now the Vikings are providing that.

5. The Adrian Peterson experiment is off to a rocky start. Peterson is nowhere as laid back as Marshawn Lynch Shaun Peyton. You cant rest him every other drive, he needs to be the all star. If he’s not things are going to implode in New Orleans pretty quick. Oh, did I mention your next three games are against the Patriots, Panthers, and Dolphins? That doesn’t bode well for Bourbon Street.


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