Forming the perfect NFL Quarterback

Take a step into the laboratory of Dr. Football and today he will be forming the ultimate QB based on the traits of present day quarterbacks.  We will be presenting the traits of the Ultimate Quarterback below.

Head: Tom Brady


This may come to no surprise, Brady is most likely the greatest player to ever play football, as well as one of the smartest football players ever to step on a field. Brady has shown the consistent ability to beat defenses with his eyes and IQ leads him to this coveted positions.

Arm Strength: Matthew Stafford2014-11-0910_30_03.gif

This one was pretty much a toss-up between five or so other players. The ball explodes out of Stafford’s hands unlike any other player in the NFL today. In his career, Stafford has made some incredible throws deep down the field.

Arm Accuracy: Aaron Rodgers


This one is easy, Aaron Rodgers is simply the best quarterback in the NFL right now and that comes is powered by his arm accuracy, not to mention he is great in almost every other aspect. But in this we are focusing on his accuracy, Rodgers consistently makes incredible throws seemingly every game proving his dominance in this field.

Torso/Strength: Cam Newton


At 6’5 245, Cam Newton is a freak of nature. He is athletic, muscular, flexible, and has proven he is strong enough to take a pounding from the strongest of defenders. Core strength is incredibly important for quarterbacks and there is no doubt that Newton leads the pack there.

Speed: Tyrod Taylor


There are quite a few speedy quarterbacks today, including Kaepernick, Wilson, Maroita, etc. But Tyrod is definitely the fastest of this group. Tyrod has logged over 1,100 rushing yards in the last two seasons in Buffalo. Tyrod’s speed makes a great edition to this “ultimate quarterback” by adding another dimension to his game. d

Ability to maneuver in pocket: Aaron RodgersRodgers.gif

Aaron Rodgers is now making his second appearance on this list, and for good reason. The way Rodgers has been able to maneuver throughout the pocket in his career is unprecedented. Rodgers has been able to avoid sacks and keep plays going like no one else has.

There you have it, the Ultimate Quarterback. One could only imagine the damage this player could do on a football field, given these attributes. I hope you enjoyed your read and make sure to follow us on Twitter @ProSportsFandom


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