Four Offseason NFL Storylines to Start watching now.

1. The Eli Manning saga: Benching Eli Manning may have been the nail in the coffin for Ben McAdoo, a rare occasion on which the Giants made a major PR and organizational screw-up. Now for the rest of the year, the question you need to be asking yourself is, where will Eli Manning end up? Will he retire, would the Giants trade him? Or would they show their QB some respect, cut him and let him choose where to go? Until then Geno Smith must prove to us and the Giants organization that he can actually play QB, spoiler he can’t.


2. Jimmy Garoppolo’s future: Jimmy G will officially get the start for the forty-niners this week against the Chicago Bears. The next four weeks will determine Garoppolo’s future as a niner and whether he is a franchise guy or not. No matter which way things turn out in San Fran it seems as if Jimmy G will be making big money this offseason, the rest of the season will just determine the price tag.



3. The Colts: So many storylines are piling up for this franchise lets go through them quickly. How long will Chuck Pagano last? Earlier this week the guy was seen spinning out of control, talking about the movie Groundhog Day and then for some reason hurricanes in a press conference. The Future of Andrew Luck and Jacoby Brissett. We haven’t seen Andrew Luck play in about a year and a half now. How are we all so sure he comes back and is a world beater again? What kind of damage has his shoulder really taken? Will he ever be the same guy again? What happens to Brissett? Brissett is under contract until 2020, so it seems unlikely he would be moved. You never know though if a team offered a good second-round draft pick or multiple 2nd and 3rd round picks Brissett could be moved. Luck could get out of his deal next year according to Sportac. If Luck really is having issues with management maybe another QB gets thrown into this massive free agency, perhaps via trade. Interesting things will unfold in Indy over the next month.


4. What are the Browns doing? A storyline every year this time of year, what are the Browns doing? Will they go 0-16? Will Hue Jackson be fired? Will they bring in Peyton Manning? Jimmy Haslam has a good relationship with the former Broncos QB, could he bring him into the organization as a front office guy? So much uncertainty circles what Cleveland should do in this final month, it will be interesting to see how things play out.


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