Freddie Kitchens Named Browns Head Coach

The Cleveland Browns announced they will hire Freddie Kitchens to be their next head coach. He became Cleveland’s offensive coordinator after Week 8 of the NFL season. The Browns scored 159 points before took over as the offensive coordinator. They scored 190 points after he took over as offensive coordinator.

Baker Mayfield looked so much better after Kitchens took over as the offensive coordinator. After Week 8, Mayfield threw  for 2,254 yards 19 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Overall this season, he threw for 3,725 yards 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Baker Mayfield didn’t see game action until Week 3 against the New York Jets at home.

The Cleveland Browns finished with a 7-8-1 record. They started the season 2-5-1. When Gregg Williams took over as the Interim Head Coach, his record was 5-3. This team looked a lot better than they did when Hue Jackson was coaching.

I thought Williams was going to be the full time head coach, but making Freddie Kitchens the head coach now is also a good move. There was no way that the Cleveland Browns were going to let him leave the building. Keeping him around will provide stability for an up and coming team and that is something that the Cleveland Browns have not had in years.


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