Free Agency Primer: NFC North, Why The Packers Need A Mini Rebuild and Building Around Mitch.

NFC North
Bears: The Bears need to go out and grab Mitchell Trubisky some wideouts because the Bears have none. Face it Kevin White is a bust. You need to go out and heavily invest draft picks and sign some veteran wide receivers. The defense is still relatively good if the Bears could load up on offense the NFC North would be really interesting next year.


Lions: I think the Lions main problem last year was coaching, they improved defensively had a pretty good offense but couldn’t win games down the stretch or take care of easy teams. They could add a corner or a pass rusher like Derrick Johnson to pair beside Ziggy Ansah but other than that I think this team just needed a culture change. Hopefully Matt Patricia brings them that.


Packers: The Packers need to improve almost every facet of there roster. They need to sign depth on the O line they need to get a truly great defensive piece in the draft and they need to move on from either Jordy Nelson or Randal Cobb. My guess is they move away from Cobb. You are in your Super Bowl window for the next two years and who knows if Aaron Rodgers will be himself for the first part of next year after a collar bone injury. You need to stack up on pieces and prepare to make a run because you may not have much time left.


Vikings: The most obvious question is at QB. So without further ado here is a list of Minnesota QB’s currently on the roster from most to least valuable. 1. Teddy Bridgewater: Bridgewater is the youngest safest pick of the group. Yes there are worries about his knee but after nearly two whole years of recovery it is safe to say he could get back on the field. It may take him time to acclimate back to his former self though. 2. Case Keenum: As a Keenum guy I was hurt that I couldn’t put him higher on the list. However I believe he will regress to being an average starter next year. Not to what he was with the Rams or Texans but not the guy who will take you to a conference championship game. A middle of the road starter who with the right pieces around him can take you to 10 or 11 wins. 3. Sam Bradford: At his best Bradford is number one on this list but who knows how severe his knee injury is.



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