Geary’s Week 10 College Football Rankings

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 10 Top 25 and Analysis Article by Jack Geary
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1. Alabama

Bama is unfazed by the rankings. If you think Saban cares about the rankings, you’re wrong. He will keep focusing on his team and his team only.

2. Georgia

As much as I want to throw Georgia into the #1 spot; I just can’t do it. Georgia has a better resume than Alabama but Bama is Bama. Georgia can still walk into the playoffs if they keep winning.

3. Notre Dame

“I think I’m an early buyer on Notre Dame this year. As the season goes, I think people will see where I’m coming from”. That was a quote from me after Week 1 discussing why I think Notre Dame will have a great year on The End Zone Podcast. Right now they are on top of the world. The committee values ND as the best one loss team in the country and I do too. Notre Dame should roll over Wake Forest this week.

4. Ohio State

Many will disagree that Ohio State should be ranked over Oklahoma. I believe the Buckeyes are better because they proved they can win big games. Ohio State now faces a definite trap game against Iowa.

5. Clemson

Clemson reassured me that they are a playoff loomer. This week will be a huge resume booster against NC State.

6. Oklahoma

It’s a tough road ahead for Oklahoma to run the table. The upside of a tough road ahead is a chance to have an outstanding resume. They play in the game of the week this week against Oklahoma State.

7. TCU

The Horned Frogs fell victim to the new boys on the block. Iowa State was able to upset TCU. The Horned Frogs are still a legit contender but will need a lot of help along the way.

8. Miami

The U isn’t as bad as people think they are. They have escaped some close games with wins to stay undefeated. Miami now has to beat Virginia Tech and Notre Dame consecutively to reach the playoffs. Win and you’re in.

9. Wisconsin

The playoff committee agreed with my theory that Wisconsin actually need to win against a real football team to be in the Top 5. It will be tough for the Badgers to get any attention grabbing wins.

10. Penn State

Penn State blew their golden opportunity to lock a top 4 spot. The Nittany Lions lead for majority of the game but JT Barrett played out of his mind. Additionally,(!!!) I think Saquon Barkley is so overrated. The heisman race should be wide open in my opinion.

11. Oklahoma State

Mason Rudolph gets his shot at redemption to bring the Cowboys back near the top. He blew his big game against TCU but I think it will happen differently this time around.

12. Virginia Tech

The Hokies are cruising and will jump up a few spots if they can beat Miami.

13. Washington

Washington woke up from a deep offensive sleep. They put up 44 against UCLA after only managing 7 against Arizona State. The PAC 12 is weird. Who knows what will happen win their game against Oregon this week.

14. UCF

UCF is better than people are giving them credit for. They are undefeated and just put up 73 points last week. An undefeated record will buy UCF a New Year’s six spot.

15. Iowa State

The Cyclones have to be the coolest thing to happen to college football this year. Their quarterback plays linebacker for Christ’s sake. Not to mention they have wins over Oklahoma and TCU.

16. Stanford

Stanford absolutely sucks with out Bryce Love. But they get him back for the rest of the season. Therefore, they will still be a decent football team.

17. Auburn

I think Auburn should be on upset alert against Texas A&M this week.

18. USC

USC bounced back in a big way against Arizona State. Darnold reassured us that he can actually play. The Trojans now have a huge opportunity against the ascending Arizona Wildcats.

19. Mississippi State

Miss State got the huge win that they need over TAMU. This week they will destroy UMass.

20. NC State

The Wolfpack were eaten up the Fighting Irish. The moment was just too big for NC State. They can jump back in a big way if they beat Clemson.

21. Arizona

If only Khalil Tate was a starter in Week 1. The heisman trophy would have very well been his. He is one the best players in college football and will be a huge topic heading into next season. This week he can prove himself against USC.

22. LSU

The Troy loss will be forgiven by all LSU fans if they are able to beat Bama on Saturday. It will be a longshot but they have a chance.

23. Memphis

The Tigers crushed Tulane by 30 in their last outing. Memphis doesn’t actually have anyone very threatening that remains on the schedule. Therefore, I expect the Tigers to finish 11-1.

24. Michigan State

Sparty blew their momentum and fell victim to a predictable trap game. I thought Michigan State was good enough to overcome a mediocre Northwestern team. I guess not, either way Penn State this week will be all too much to handle.

25. Washington State

It was a terrible week for Wazzu against Arizona. They were stomped on by Khalil Tate. Wazzu once had such a promising season but it has now been derailed. They are just barely clinging to the last spot in the rankings.


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