Geary’s Week 3 College Football Rankings and Analysis

Jack Geary’s College Football Week 3 Top 25 and Analysis

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1. Alabama

Nothing new in Tuscaloosa, Bama crushed Fresno State in an easy outing. The Tide will attempt to roll over another non Power 5 team next in Colorado State.

2. Oklahoma

Statement win for Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield capitalized in the outstanding opportunity to pounce on Ohio State and avenge his devastating loss from last year. Baker stabbed the heart of Ohio State with his flag after the game, incredibly symbolic.

3. Clemson

Dabo just can’t lose. His defense dominated in the low scoring affair against Auburn. Clemson doesn’t need to win in a thrilling fashion, they get the job done any way necessary. A boring 14-6 win doesn’t thrill fans but wins are wins regardless. Let’s see if this nasty defense can contain the College Football President, Lamar Jackson…

4. Penn State

Coach Franklin bragged about his win over Akron, I mean Pitt in the press conference after the game. Seriously though, this looked like an easy win over a respectable football team. Penn State will keep it rolling as 38 point favorites against Georgia State.

5. USC

The Trojans got their first signature win of the year over the Stanford Cardinals in a dominant fashion. Darnold impressed and the Trojans’ running game continued to run the show. USC can, in theory, avenge their 2005 championship loss against Texas this week. No not really, this Texas team isn’t even close to being at that legendary level. I like USC to mop the floor against Texas Saturday with little historical implications.

6. Washington

The Huskies get to bully another weak opponent this week against Fresno State. Washington looked good, as they should, against Montana last week. Real competition is needed to prove anything new.

7. Ohio State

Ohio State just didn’t look like themselves against Oklahoma. Maybe I’m not giving enough credit to Oklahoma but the Buckeyes need to solve their lackluster performance. If Ohio State can’t return to their dominant image, losses could be looming against Penn State and Michigan. Time to turn it up in Columbus.

8. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is easily my favorite team to watch so far this season. There is no more exciting offense in college football than the one being generated by Mason Rudolph. Rudolph should continue to light it up against Pitt this week and continue to gain national recognition.

9. Florida State

No new analysis can be processed on Florida State due to their game being canceled because of the Hurricane. Hopefully, the game scheduled against Miami Saturday will be played in the near future. The Miami matchup would be a statement win for the currently winless Seminoles.

10. Michigan

Ty Isaac is a new bright spot on this ascending Michigan team. The Wolverines confirmed their status as a top ten team against Cincinnati, proving the Florida opener wasn’t a fluke. Michigan’s offense needs to continue to revamp against Air

Force this week.

11. Wisconsin

The Badgers continued their superiority against another undermatched opponent this past week against FAU. Wisco looks solid but needs to make more statement wins against these weak opponents if they want to ascend in the rankings.

12. LSU

I don’t know what it is with Chattanooga playing Alabama or LSU every year but I don’t like it. From a fan’s point of view, it’s blatantly a waste of time. Chattanooga never beats SEC powerhouses. Anyways, LSU should be fresh for their deceptively tricky matchup against Mississippi State this weekend.

13. Louisville

I said it before the season, “buy in on Louisville and Lamar Jackson.” If there is ever a time to buy in on the Cards it’s right now. Lamar Jackson looks even better than I pictured and can single handedly carry this team over any opponent. He’s averaging over 500 yards a game this season and will attempt to win his signature game Saturday. Revenge should be consuming his mind leading up to a rematch of last year’s showdown against Clemson.

14. Georgia

Lorenzo Carter’s game winning forced fumble/sack booted Notre Dame out of the rankings for a while. Fromm flashed talent but still needs improve if he wants to be an absolute dude and take time from Eason. Georgia’s fans created a Red Sea in Notre Dame Stadium and helped their team rip away ND’s coming out game. Georgia is now rewarded with an easy game against Samford this week. Not to mention, Georgia delivered a message to the SEC that they are for real.

15. Miami

The U was another program that was dealt the unfortunate circumstances of having to cancel their game due to the hurricane. Miami will have a great opportunity to prove their worth against Florida State, whenever that game will be played.

16. Auburn

6 points. 6 points in a game is not acceptable if you are trying to meet those hefty playoff aspirations. Clemson absolutely shut down any offense that Auburn tried to produce in the Saturday night showdown. Auburn still has more than enough talent to run the table. Although, it needs to show up in big games. Winning the game against Mercer this weekend won’t prove anything. Big wins= Playoff spot.

17. Stanford

The USC matchup produced a lackluster performance from Stanford. Coach Shaw couldn’t get his team to overcome the talent of the new age USC. Darnold just couldn’t be stopped by Stanford. San Diego State is the next test for Stanford to improve.

18. Virginia Tech

27-0 against Delaware is a decent performance for a team that had one of the best Week 1 wins. Except the Hokies to upgrade their point total this week against the sluggish East Carolina defense this week.

19. USF

Unfortunately, South Florida’s game against Uconn was also cancelled last week due to the hurricane. The game Saturday against Illinois would be a nice resume building win for USF.

20. Kansas State

After blowing out another weak team, K-State will get a real test this week against Vanderbilt. Currently averaging 55 points a game, K-State will attempt to once again produce a large sum of points.

21. TCU

The Horned Frogs proved they are legit and won a challenging matchup against Arkansas. Winning isn’t easy against SEC teams but TCU is showing that they should be respected this year. Trillville will invite SMU to get the business this week at his house.

22. Florida

Florida also had to unfortunately cancel their game this weekend. A quarterback situation needs to be defined if the Gators want a chance against Tennessee. It’s win or go home for Florida in terms of College Football Playoff chances.

23. Tennessee

Indiana State isn’t a win worth gushing over. Although, a win over Florida would give Tennessee a massive second quality win. Tennessee needs to keep racking up respectable wins to keep Butch Jones off the hot seat.

24. UCLA

Josh Rosen was able to pad the stats in a dominating win over Hawaii. Rosen looks the best he ever has which is great news for his draft stock. UCLA will need Josh Rosen to keep carrying them as they look to rout Memphis.

25. Oregon

Welcome to the rankings Oregon! It’s been awhile since Oregon has had a very talented football team but this year it seems that they once again will have a very talented football team. Even though he has been there the whole time, Justin Herbert looks like the QB that Oregon has been searching for these past 2 years. Finally, This web footed football team of Oregon will bring pressure against the NFL draft darling Josh Allen.

(New) On the Horizon: Maryland, Utah, Ole Miss


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