Get on the Bandwagon and Get off the Cliff: Over and Under Rated Teams Going Into the 2017 NFL Season

We are 2 days away from football. That means the hype trains that have been grinding all off season will come to a grinding halt and the true best and worst teams will emerge. Until then here are 6 under and over rated teams heading into the season.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I’m not sold on Jameis being a smarter decision maker with the ball. Throughout training camp, he has thrown some real head scratchers and in the preseason, he took too many sacks in my opinion. Winston holds the ball for too long, and when he gets hit he tends to fumble. I get it, this team has tremendous offensive potential, no doubt, I just don’t think this is the Bucs year.

Oakland Raiders: I’m sorry but the raiders won most of their games by one possession last year if one or two things go wrong they’re a 10-6 team. This team is still talented enough to make the playoffs but have glaring weaknesses on the defense. Yes, they have Kahlil Mack but there secondary is anchored by Damen Anderson and TJ Carrie, two mid-level corners that won’t hurt you with mistakes but won’t help you create turnovers either. I think this team is a year away from the promise land but it’s coming.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Hear me out, I get it you have generational talent on offense. You’re going to tear it up in the regular season at home and get people excited about you. In the end though this team will lose 4 head scratchers on the road end up with the two seed and get pulverized by New England in the conference title game. If the Steelers are so great why can’t they win games on the road? Why can’t they ever grab home field advantage? And why can’t they ever knock off the Patriots? We’re never all healthy isn’t a good excuse when you have all the weapons that you do.

Tennessee Titans: Even though the Texans have the best defense in the league you’re under rating the Titans. The rocky top Titans added so many great offensive pieces this year. Corey Davis is a big receiver with killer speed and fantastic potential. Combine that with Vet Eric Decker and you have only bolstered what was one of the best red zone offenses in the league last year. Yes, Brian Orakpo as a defensive center piece big name isn’t super enticing but like Orakpo this Titans defense can get the job done.

Los Angeles Chargers: One injury away from devastation, o line impaired, unimpressive without Keenan Allen, these are all things the football higher up will tell you. IF this Chargers team STAYS HEALTHY they are a dangerous team. You should expect them to run away with this division because this team is loaded on offense. Not to mention you have Joey Bosa one of the most underrated young defensive talents in the league. This team stays healthy, this team gets to the conference championship.

Philadelphia Eagles: If Carson Wentz looks better than last year, which he does, this team should be a sleeper to win the division. Also the fact that Derek Barnett makes that a top ten NFL defense on the rise and only getting younger. Super Bowl? No. Surprise Playoff appearance get on the bandwagon now!


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