Giants Season Preview: Five Big Questions. Is this Eli Manning’s Swan Song Year?

Will Eli Manning fall off: Manning is the cog that will make or break the Giants offense. The receiving core is overly talented but Manning has issues with arm strength and turnovers last year. This team could make noise in January but in order for that to happen Manning has to excel.
Is the Giants defense good enough to carry this team into the playoffs: If Manning’s arm struggles the D will have to carry the Giants. The question is not if they can, they certainly have the talent, it is if they will. If the defense can force more turnovers this year than I believe the Giants if they make it to the playoffs, could be a spoiler in the NFC.
What is going on with this Giants running game: Paul Perkins is not a break out fantasy RB. You’re delusional if you think he is and even more so if you think this O line can run block. Perkins averaged 4.1 yards a carry last year and scored no touchdowns. If the Giants want to take pressure off an aging Manning the Giants need a running game.
Is Odell Beckham Jr. in for a career year: You would think so. After all, he does want to be the highest paid NFL player ever. Beckham catches a lot of flack for his personality but it is undeniable that he is one of the top three receivers in the league. What makes Beckham so special though is not the spectacular one handed catches or Madden like jukes, it is his ability to use geometry. Beckham’s angles are some of the best in the league. He mixes those slopes and slants with speed to turn himself into a running back after he catches the ball. Odells ability to turn a slant route into a beautiful 60-yard touchdown catch and run is what makes him different from Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. It is time for people to wake up and smell the roses, Odell isn’t over rated, he’s overly talented.
Can the Giants Win the Superbowl: This Giants season will go one of two ways. One Eli will have a fantastic year the running game will support him and the defense will carry this team. In that case, this team could upset the Patriots in the Superbowl for the third time. Or Manning will struggle. The Giants running game will remain lack luster and even with a strong supporting cast, Manning will weigh this team down. It could be a parallel to his older brothers last season. However, the Giants defense is not the 2015 Broncos defense. If the second scenario kicks in though, and if New York wants to succeed they may have to be.


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