Green Bay Packers Season in Review; Summary and Awards

As the season comes to its unfortunate end, we look back at a season full of promise, bad luck and demise… and award those that stood out.


Hello, PSF Family, I’m Isaac Schell. I am a first time writer, and I would like to thank everyone at PSF for allowing me to use their platform to express myself on the topic of sports. I will be covering basketball and football, more specifically the Golden State Warriors and Green Bay Packers. Thank you.


The featured image of this article accurately sums up a majority of Packers fans’ thoughts on this season- “What?”, “WHY?”, and “AARON!”. At least, those were my thoughts… especially starting around Week 6. The Green & Gold appeared to be Super Bowl Contenders through 5 weeks, holding a 4-1 record, and atop many analysts’ Power Rankings. But, in typical Packers fashion, the injury bug hit, this time so hard they didn’t recover- missing the Playoffs for the first time since 2008- 12’s first year with the keys to the franchise. All we can do now is reminisce on what could have been… So, without further ado, here are the top “What?” and “WHY?!” moments from the Green Bay Packers 2017 season.


Weeks 1-6: Before Aaron went down, the Packers boasted one of the top YPG Defenses in the league.

Season: What were the Packers thinking? In all honesty, this team, without Aaron, has bottom-tier potential when compared to the rest of the league. Simply put- the Packers should have tanked and secured a top spot in the coming draft. As they say, hindsight is, in fact, 20-20.

87, Season: Jordy Nelson will finish his 9th NFL Season with 53 receptions for 482 yards and 6 TDs… considerably his worst since becoming the primary receiver of the offense in 2010/11. He also had many inexcusable drops- which is very uncharacteristic, as his hands have always been what kept him in the top tier for receivers. He also looked unenergetic and unwilling to adapt to an offense that doesn’t feature Aaron- a tangible you don’t like to see from any of your players. One of the reasons for this lackluster performance, obviously, is the absence of his quarterback. However, Davante Adams, who has also became accustomed to catching passes from 12, will finish with 74 receptions for 885 yards and 10 TDs- in only 14 games. Davante produced a stellar season, considerably his best as a professional, and Jordy simply dropped the ball, as if it was a Brett Hundley pass.

50, Season: The 2017 league leader in tackles, at least through 16 weeks, is a Green Bay Packer! 138 tackles in 15 games! The results, also, can be noticed, as the Packers currently allow 21 PPG, good for 11th best in the league, their highest in recent memory. Sadly, however, he won’t be selected to the Pro Bowl… @NFL , fix the fan/Pro Bowl voting system.


Weeks 1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14, & 15: Why did the Packers so frequently insist on producing heart attacks for its oh-so-beloved fans?! In 8 games this season, including 3 overtime ones, a Packers game was decided by one score or less. The silver lining, however, is they finished 6-2 in said games, and being able to finish in close games is something us fans love to see.

81, Week 15: Why did Geronimo Allison have to fumble away the season? After winning over most fans, especially with his long-bomb game winning catch from Aaron against the Bengals in Week 3, he lost the trust from most of the fan base. Everyone makes mistakes, but this one might be critical. He can only hope Aaron hasn’t lost his trust.

Week 6: Why did Anthony Barr have to take out the best quarterback of all time to win his division? Guess you really have to do anything to win, huh? Aaron will see you next season, Anthony.

Weeks 16/17: Why not give Joe Callahan a chance? Brett Hundley proved what he was worth throughout half the season, and now that you have a pair of games that are essentially meaningless-why not give the D3 quarterback a shot? What could go wrong? On one hand, he doesn’t perform, and you lose more games, giving a higher draft position and easier opponents for the 2018 campaign. On the other hand, if you win games, and he performs, his trade stock rises and more picks for you Ted! Win-win!

Week 11: Why did the Packers have to get shut out, for the first time in a decade, in my first trip to Lambeau Field?!


Week 5: What a game winning throw. Straight marched down the field, love me some determined Aaron. Never give the bad man time on the clock. Not a second.

Week 6: AARON!! GET UP! NOW! Don’t lie to yourself. You did it.


Standout Offensive Rookie:

RB Jamaal Williams


2017 Stats: 131 Carries for 474 Yards and 4 TDs

Practically splitting carries with fellow rookie running back Aaron Jones, who stood out as well, this award easily could have gone either way. However, watching Jamaal I witnessed a patience and ball carrying vision that is rare to see amongst running backs- especially rookies. I feel as if he has a bigger future for this offense, and thus my reasoning for this selection.

Standout Defensive Rookie:

DB Josh Jones


2017 Stats: 68 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 PD

At primarily the safety position, Josh Jones consistently offered a high motor from the defensive backs, something the Packers have needed for a while, and it will look to help this consistently half-hearted defense play up to its potential.

Defensive MVP:

LB Blake Martinez


2017 Stats: 138 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT, 6 PDs

In only his second year, Blake has catapulted himself into the top tier of linebackers. He has stepped up as the leader of this defense, and given a spark to build around for the coming years.

Offensive MVP & Overall MVP

WR Davante Adams


As the season had its ups and downs, as the Green Bay Packers lost the face of their franchise, one player stepped up tremendously- Davante Adams. Whether it was catching a game winning TD from the greatest quarterback of all time, or a walk-off TD in overtime from a backup with little to no NFL experience, Davante played every snap like it was his last. I’m sure he will assume the number one receiver role in the offense, as he has quickly developed into a top 6/7 receiver in this league. Props to Davante, and your payday surely reflects everything you’ve given to this team.

(All stats are through Week 16, and are accurate according to ESPN and ProSportsReference)

Once again, I would like to thank everyone at PSF for this opportunity.

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