Green Bay Packers Season Preview

With the NFL pre-season just a month away we start looking at NFL rosters. This is not so much a season preview per say but instead a look at what each team has done over the off season. Today we look at the Green Bay Packers.

Probably the most disappointing playoff end came to the Packers, ok second most disappointing, when the Falcons walked all over this team they made one thing clear. The Packers defense is the worst it has ever been. So, we might as well start with the bad, the defense.

The Packers added no one to their defense of note. Defensive coordinator Don Capers is seemingly invincible in Lambough maybe that needs to change. This offense is in its Super Bowl window now. You can’t waste your franchise QB’s prime because you fundamentally refuse to focus on your defense. Maybe that starts with getting rid of Clay Matthews, who hasn’t been an asset since the 2013 season.

Also in 2013, Aaron Rodgers won the MVP. He should be considered the front runner for the award this year. If you ignore the first 7 weeks of last season Rodgers is the clear-cut MVP. If you take away Tom Brady’s super bowl win purely in terms of throws athleticism and leadership Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league right now. Rodgers is insanely talented there is no question about that but the doubts come about his consistency. Unfortunately, you can’t just pretend those first 7 weeks where Rodgers struggled mightily didn’t happen. If Rodgers had performed like his post half season incarnation all season long the Packers could have had the one seed. That might mean the Falcons have to come to them and were talking about a Packers Super Bowl win. Rodgers must play to his full potential all year if the Pack want a chance at Super Bowl 52.

Thankfully Rodgers has some weapons to lean on. Jordy Nelson returned from an ACL tear and seemed not to lose a single step. That alone is more than impressive. Meanwhile, Davante Adams exploded onto the scene as the secondary horse to take the load off Nelson. Not to mention a late season Randall Cobb resurgence, if Rodgers throws Cobb open he is a dangerous attacker. Perhaps though the greatest triumph of this core which rivals the Patriots, is the addition of former Pats tight end Martellus Bennett. He is a talent replacement for Jared Cook and makes the position the strongest it has been in years.

The backfield behind Rodgers, however, is not as strong. Currently, the lead back is former wide receiver Ty Montgomery. Montgomery was not a terrible option at back last year but the Packers need a true veteran running back still.

The Packers need to step up and perform on defense. Aaron Rodgers needs to carry this team all year if they don’t. If he plays at the height of his power though, the Packers may just finish in Minnesota.


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