2018 FIFA World Cup Group D Preview.

Moving on let’s talk about group D.
If you like legends watch Argentina. This is Messi’s last world cup, his final chance to bring his nation glory. The Argentinian press as it turns out has demonized Messi his entire career just because of his lack of success in international tournaments. Can he get the dog off his back? He’ll have some help Sergio Aguero is coming off one of the best seasons in his career for Manchester City. The loss of Lanzini after a training accident hurts this team but it does not doom them.
If you like great stories watch Iceland. I think this one is actually pretty obvious. Iceland are one of the greatest stories ever told in international soccer. The fan base is passionate, the manager is unique and the players are just people like you and me. No superstars like Messi or Ronaldo but that doesn’t mean this team is not good. I give them a fighting shot to get out of the group and think they get at least one win.
If you like dope Jerseys watch Nigeria. Nigeria is by far the best African team in the tournament. Victor Moses of Chelsea is Nigerias most intriguing player who will help control the midfield in this year’s world cup. The team is dangerous and could potentially make a run if they make it out of the group stages.
If you like Luka Modric watch Croatia. A team with a lot of fire power but who with one slip up could tumble themselves right out of the tournament. The pressure is on.

Teams advancing
Argentina: Lose in final four.
Nigeria: Lose in first round.
And just because this is my last world cup article, my prediction.
Mexico vs Belgium in the finals, Belgium wins the world cup.


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