Guess the MLB player from five player hints

The time is nearing, baseball is on the horizon.

This post will be sort of a trivia, for each player I will list five facts about him whether that is his team, a certain stat, his hometown, or anything of that nature. I’ll try to fluctuate in difficulty to be challenging for the most intense of baseball fans and not impossible for casual fans.

To make sure you don’t accidentally see the answers, this will be a slideshow style of post. Each even number slide below will have the five stats/facts of the player and the next slide will have a picture and the players name.

If you like this sort of stuff where you guess players from certain stuff, check out our recent post where you guess the MLB player from their blurred swing/batting stance. To check that out, click here. 

Well, onto the post. We hope you enjoy and for more follow @ProSportsFandom on Twitter.


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