High Ceilings Lower Floors, NFL Teams with Potential to Boom or Bust.

Nov 11, 2017; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers running back Derrius Guice (5) avoids the tackle of Arkansas Razorbacks defensive back Santos Ramirez (9) and defensive lineman Briston Guidry (8) in the first quarter at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

This morning I was asked a good question on twitter, who will be the worst team in the NFL this year? That is a huge question and I won’t know until I do all my season previews, starting July 4th by the way so get hyped! However, the topic I can give an answer to is the teams with highest ceiling and lowest floor this year. Here are five teams that could be really fun to watch or the dregs of there respective divisions. An interesting thing I found doing this exercise, most of these teams play in tough divisions but have relatively easy schedules that contain a lot of toss up games. If you’re looking

Ceiling: 10-6
Floor: 4-12
This really all depends on Andy Dalton. If Dalton has a decent season you look at the Bengals offense and they filled the major hole on the offensive line with Cordy Glenn. They also have A.J Green and if they can get a coming out season for Joe Mixon and John Ross then this team could be legit, they have the defense to do it certainly. However if Dalton continues the downward trajectory his career has presently taken the Bengals have an extremely tough schedule.


Joe mixon
Ceiling: 12-4
Floor: 3-13
The Seahawks are an extremely interesting proposition of a team. On one hand there defense has been stripped away and they have no offensive line. On the other you trust Pete Carrol to rebuild the defense with young talented players and a nice core of Bobby Wagner and Earl Thomas. The Seahawks have what I like to call swing games. Twelve to be exact, the most of any team on this list. They could easily somehow sneak out the division winner or they could be near the bottom of the leauge.


Ceiling: 12-4
Floor: 5-11
The Texans are an interesting team. On paper they look like they could contend for the AFC but we have to accept that in this point in his career JJ Watt is an injury prone player coming off a serious Knee injury. You pair that with injury concerns for Jadaveon Clowney and Deshaun Watson and three of your best players have major injury concerns. Without Watson the Texans have nothing and without the defensive line and linebacking core the Texans defense isn’t elite. Not to mention big offseason acquisition Tryann Mathieu is no stranger to injuries either.

Ceiling: 11-5
Floor: 4-12
Healthy Andrew Luck you’re a playoff team easily. Bad Andrew Luck or no Andrew Luck you are out of Luck. This team legitimately has no proven defense and the run game is going to be lead by Marlin Mack who showed flashes last year but by no means is a proven back.

Ceiling: 11-5
Floor: 6-10
You can look at the Washington Redskins one of two ways. On one hand they have a proven starter who is coming off one of the best seasons of his career, paired with a top 5 tight end in the leauge, again, and a great receiving core. Paired with one of the most exciting running backs out of this years draft. On the other had you could view them as a team that got banged by injuries and went from a constant downfield threat to a game manager.

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