How is Aaron Judge still a silver?

Aaron Judge is undoubtedly one of the best players in the MLB right now. He leads the AL in triple crown categories, as a rookie. Although he made his debut last season, he is still considered a rookie due to lack of games last year. Below are the stat leaders in the AL and you can see that he leads the league in triple crown categories. 

Along with this, it seems like Judge is breaking some sarcastic record daily with the home runs he is hitting. Today he hit one 495 feet. 

To go along with that, he also currently leads the league in WAR (3.4) according to fangraphs. 

Despite his greatest, he remains a silver in MLB The Show. 

He has a .344 average on the season, but only 66 contact vs righties and 59 vs lefties. 

Those numbers do not add up at all. Not even moderately close. Ian Kinsler is hitting  just .250 off of lefties, yet has 88 contact vs southpaw’s. The numbers just don’t add up. 

Aaron Judge leads the league with 21 home runs. 3 ahead of second place (Justin Smoak). 

Along with this he ranks second in OPS, behind only Mike Trout, who is pretty good as well. 

Aaron Judge has definitely been dominate this year and deserves more from MLB The Show. I definitely expect him to get an upgrade soon. 

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