How to get a free pack for MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show is right around the corner with the pre-order edition set to be playable midnight on March 23rd. To be able to pre-order and play the game early you can either head to a Gamestop or pre-order from the PlayStation store online.

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To receive a free pack for MLB The Show 18, click the link below.

Click this link here.

From there you will have to sign into your PlayStation account and then watch a short trailer. After that, you need to click to redeem your rewards. It should give you a short code.

Once you login into your PlayStation, go left on the menu to the PlayStation Store. On the left-handed side of the menu, scroll down to “Redeem Codes”.

Once you get past this you will just need to wait until you first log in to MLB The Show 18 and from there you will simply have to your inventory and open the pack.


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