How To Get Doubles Easy

When playing Diamond Dynasty recently, I have found myself in the situations to need doubles. After having a horrible time trying to get 5 doubles with 93 Buddy Bell for the Team Epic. This card rarely hits gap shots and has only 49 speed. Once I finished this challenge, I figured that there had to be some other way. Well I found the way to get doubles for any mission, or just my career missions.
Now that I am getting closer to finishing the Diamond Program, at 62%, I had to finish the mission to get a Walk, Double, and Run against the CPU with the Rookie Griffey. After seeming to try everything, from playing on rookie to get the double to playing on legend to get the walk, I found the perfect way. I started a game on All Star Difficulty, and had Griffey lead off. If I didn’t get walked the first AB, I would quit. Once I got walked, I tried to get a base hit. If it seems like I would only get a single, I would run to second anyways. Don’t stop at second, keep rounding to go to the third. The second baseman will miss the tag, and you will be able to run right past him. Once they miss the tag, turn around and go back to second. Most of the time they will not be paying attention and you can slide back in for a double.


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